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Planet Mars

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Table of contents

1. Welcome to Mars

2. Introduction

3. Martian landscapes

4. Chronology of Mars

Part One. Birth of a planet

5. Before Mars and the other planets

6. Very rapid protoplanetary growth

7. Formation of the core, crust and mantle

8. The evolution of Mars, the Earth, Venus and Mercury

9. What Martian meteorites tell us

10. The origin of atmospheres and water

11. Meteoritic bombardment

12. The enigma of the ‘north-south dissymmetry’

13. The primordial dynamo and magnetic field

14. The moons of Mars: captured asteroids?

Part Two. A youthful Mars

15. Rivers on Mars!

16. The source of Mars’ rivers

17. The mystery of the lakes

18. Traces of water

19. A history of many chapters

20. In search of a lost ocean

21. The mystery of Mars’ past climate

22. The theory of life on Mars

23. Hunting for fossils

24. A unique witness, 4 billion years old

25. The end of an oasis: Mars loses its atmosphere

26. Life on Mars today

Part Three. The slow metamorphosis

27. A sub-surface motor: convection in the mantle

28. Giant volcanoes on Mars

29. Olympus Mons: the solar system’s biggest volcano

30. Lava flows and lava plains

31. Ridges and cracks on the surface

32. Valles Marineris: the valley of wonders

33. A permanently frozen subsurface

34. The mystery of the chaotic terrains

35. Outflow channels

36. A drive around the mouth of Ares Vallis

37. A second Siberia

Part Four. Climates and storms

38. Seasons and temperatures

39. The atmosphere of Mars

40. Martian winds

41. Martian meteorology

42. Dunes, ergs and erosion: footprints of the winds

43. The dust cycle: ever-orange skies

44. The dust cycle: planet of storms

45. The dust cycle: whirlwinds of dust

46. The dust cycle: global storms

47. The water cycle: vapour, frost and ice — water on Mars

48. The water cycle: clouds and fogs

49. The CO2 cycle: seasonal polar caps

50. The CO2 cycle: an atmosphere which solidifies

51. The CO2 cycle: the vagaries of carbon dioxide ice

52. The CO2 cycle: the residual southern polar cap

53. Climate change: when Mars rocks on its axis

54. Climate change: ancient glaciers on Mars

55. Climate change: surface ice at high latitudes

56. Climate change: intermittent water flows

57. Climate change: polar sediments, evidence of past climates

Part Five. Exploring Mars

58. Telescopic voyages

59. First visitors: the Mariner probes

60. Soviet setbacks

61. Viking

62. A difficult exploration

63. New American initiatives

64. Spirit and Opportunity: wheels on Mars

65. Europe joins in: Mars Express

66. The future of European Mars exploration

67. Imagination serves exploration

68. The Grail: returning samples

69. Astronauts on Mars


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