Lipton, Michael L.

Totally Accessible MRI

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Table of contents

Part I. In the Beginning: Generating, Detecting, and Manipulating the MR (NMR) Signal

1. Laying the Foundation: Nuclear Magnetism, Spin, and the NMR Phenomenon
Michael L. Lipton

2. Rocking the Boat: Resonance, Excitation, and Relaxation
Michael L. Lipton

3. Relaxation: What Happens Next?
Michael L. Lipton

4. Image Contrast: T1, T2, T2*, and Proton Density
Michael L. Lipton

5. Hardware, Especially Gradient Magnetic Fields
Michael L. Lipton

Part II. User Friendly: Localizing and Optimizing the MRI Signal for Imaging

6. Spatial Localization: Creating an Image
Michael L. Lipton

7. Defining Image Size and Spatial Resolution
Michael L. Lipton

8. Putting It All Together: An Introduction to Pulse Sequences
Michael L. Lipton

9. Understanding, Assessing, and Maximizing Image Quality
Michael L. Lipton

10. Artifacts: When Things Go Wrong, It’s Not Necessarily All Bad
Michael L. Lipton

11. Safety: First, Do No Harm
Michael L. Lipton

Part III. To the Limit: Advanced MRI Applications

12. Preparatory Modules: Saturation Techniques
Michael L. Lipton

13. Readout Modules: Fast Imaging
Michael L. Lipton

14. Volumetric Imaging: The Three-dimensional Fourier Transform
Michael L. Lipton

15. Parallel Imaging: Acceleration with SENSE and SMASH
Michael L. Lipton

16. Flow and Angiography: Artifacts and Imaging of Coherent Motion
Michael L. Lipton

17. Diffusion: Detection of Microscopic Motion
Michael L. Lipton

18. Understanding and Exploiting Magnetic Susceptibility
Michael L. Lipton

19. Spectroscopy and Spectroscopic Imaging: In Vivo Chemical Assays by Exploiting the Chemical Shift
Michael L. Lipton

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Imaging / Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology

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334 pages
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