Subramanian, K. N.

Lead-Free Electronic Solders

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Table of contents

1. Thermodynamics and phase diagrams of lead-free solder materials
H. Ipser, H. Flandorfer, Ch. Luef, C. Schmetterer, U. Saeed

2. Phase diagrams of Pb-free solders and their related materials systems
Sinn-Wen Chen, Chao-Hong Wang, Shih-Kang Lin, Chen-Nan Chiu

3. The effects of suppressed beta tin nucleation on the microstructural evolution of lead-free solder joints
D. Swenson

4. Development of Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Ag-Cu-X alloys for Pb-free electronic solder applications
Iver E. Anderson

5. Rare-earth additions to lead-free electronic solders
C. M. L. Wu, Y. W. Wong

6. Compression stress-strain and creep properties of the 52In-48Sn and 97In-3Ag low-temperature Pb-free solders
Paul T. Vianco, Jerome A. Rejent, Arlo F. Fossum, Michael K. Neilsen

7. Sn-Zn low temperature solder
Katsuaki. Suganuma, Kuen-Soo. Kim

8. Composite lead-free electronic solders
Fu Guo

9. Processing and material issues related to lead-free soldering
Laura J. Turbini

10. Interfacial reaction issues for lead-free electronic solders
C. E. Ho, S. C. Yang, C. R. Kao

11. Microstructure-based modeling of deformation in Sn-rich (Pb-free) solder alloys
N. Chawla, R. S. Sidhu

12. Deformation behavior of tin and some tin alloys
Fuqian Yang, J. C. M. Li

13. Mechanical fatigue of Sn-rich Pb-free solder alloys
J. K. Shang, Q. L. Zeng, L. Zhang, Q. S. Zhu

14. Life expectancies of Pb-free SAC solder interconnects in electronic hardware
Michael Osterman, Abhijit Dasgupta

15. Assessment of factors influencing thermomechanical fatigue behavior of Sn-based solder joints under severe service environments
K. N. Subramanian

16. Electromigration statistics and damage evolution for Pb-free solder joints with Cu and Ni UBM in plastic flip-chip packages
Seung-Hyun Chae, Xuefeng Zhang, Kuan-Hsun Lu, Huang-Lin Chao, Paul S. Ho, Min Ding, Peng Su, Trent Uehling, Lakshmi N. Ramanathan

17. Electromigration issues in lead-free solder joints
Chih Chen, S. W. Liang

18. Stress analysis of spontaneous Sn whisker growth
K. N. Tu, Chih Chen, Albert T. Wu

19. Sn-whiskers: truths and myths
J. W. Osenbach, J. M. DeLucca, B. D. Potteiger, A. Amin, F. A. Baiocchi

20. Tin pest issues in lead-free electronic solders
W. J. Plumbridge

21. Issues related to the implementation of Pb-free electronic solders in consumer electronics
D. R. Frear

22. Impact of the ROHS directive on high-performance electronic systems
Karl J. Puttlitz, George T. Galyon

23. Impact of the ROHS Directive on high-performance electronic systems
Karl J. Puttlitz, George T. Galyon


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