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Handbook of Obesity Prevention

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Table of contents

1. Why Obesity Prevention?
Shiriki Kumanyika, Ross C. Brownson

2. What is Obesity? Definitions Matter
Robert J. Kuczmarski

3. Descriptive Epidemiology of Obesity in the United States
Youfa Wang, Shiriki Kumanyika

4. Costs of Obesity
Graham A. Colditz, Cynthia Stein

5. Obesity Prevention Concepts and Frameworks
Shiriki Kumanyika

6. Consumer Perspectives and Consumer Action
Kelly D. Brownell

7. The Role of Government in Preventing Obesity
Debra Haire-Joshu, Christopher Fleming, Rebecca Schermbeck

8. Planning and the Built Environment:Implications for Obesity Prevention
Susan Handy, Kelly Clifton

9. The Food Industry Role in Obesity Prevention
Brian Wansink, John C. Peters

10. Media, Marketing and Advertising and Obesity
Sarah E. Samuels, Lisa Craypo, Sally Lawrence, Elena O. Lingas, Lori Dorfman

11. Global Context of Obesity
Barry M. Popkin

12. Organizational Change for Obesity Prevention—Perspectives, Possibilities and Potential Pitfalls
Barbara L. Riley, John M. Garcia, Nancy C. Edwards

13. Community-Based Approaches to Obesity Prevention: The Role of Environmental and Policy Change
Alice S. Ammerman, Carmen D. Samuel-Hodge, Janice K. Sommers, May May Leung, Amy E. Paxton, Maihan B. Vu

14. Health Care System Approaches to Obesity Prevention and Control
David L. Katz, Zubaida Faridi

15. Workplace Approaches to Obesity Prevention
Antronette K. Yancey, Nico P. Pronk, Brian L. Cole

16. Obesity Prevention in School and Group Child Care Settings
Eileen G. Ford, Stephanie S. Vander Veur, Gary D. Foster

17. Individual Behavior Change
Myles S. Faith, Eva Epstein

18. Obesity Risk Factors and Prevention in Early Life: Pre-Gestation through Infancy
Nicolas Stettler

19. Obesity Prevention During Preschool and Elementary School-Age Years
Marilyn S. Nanney

20. Obesity Prevention During Preadolescence and Adolescence
Alison E. Field

21. Obesity Prevention During Adulthood
Suzanne Phelan, Meghan Butryn, Rena R. Wing

22. Obesity Prevention: Charting a Course to a Healthier Future
Ross C. Brownson, Shiriki Kumanyika


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