Benson, Keith R.

Past, Present and Future of Research in the Information Society

Benson, Keith R. - Past, Present and Future of Research in the Information Society, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Learning from the Past, Present and Future
Wesley Shrum

2. ICT for Development: Illusions, Promises, Challenges, and Realizations
Alvaro Miranda, Dirk-Jan Peet, Karel F. Mulder, Paul Arthur Berkman, Thomas F. Ruddy, Werner Pillmann, Marcus Antonius Ynalvez, Wiebe E. Bijker

3. History of ICT
Rick Duque, Martin Collins, Janet Abbate, Celso Candido Azambuja, Mikael Snaprud

4. The Origin and Early Development of the Internet and of the Netizen: Their Impact on Science and Society
Ronda Hauben, Jay Hauben, Werner Zorn, Kilnam Chon, Anders Ekeland

5. ICT and Development
Dipak Khakhar, Bernard Cornu, Jan Wibe, Paolo Brunello

6. Roles of ICT in the Information Society
Dmitris Gritzalis, Klaus Brunnstein, Jacques Berleur

7. International Collaborations Through the Internet
Gary M. Olson, Paul A. David, Johan Eksteen, Diane H. Sonnenwald, Paul F. Uhlir, Shu-Fen Tseng, Hsin-I Huang

8. University Relations for Capacity Building—Highlights of HP’s Program
Barbara Waugh, Russel C. Jones, Lueny Morell, Bess Stephens, Didier Philippe, Iulia Nechifor, Edit Schlaffer, Clifford Harris

9. Women & ICT: Education and Employment Issues and Opportunities in Developing Countries
Claudia Morrell, Barbara Waugh, Reem Obeidat, Nancy Hafkin, Chat Garcia Ramilo, Margarita Salas, Meredith Anderson, Héla Nafti

10. Promise and Practice of Open Access to E-Science
Paul Wouters, Christine Hine, Kirsten A. Foot, Steven M. Schneider, Subbiah Arunachalam, Raed Sharif

11. Gaining and Sustaining Access to Science Findings
Carol Priestley, Margaret Ngwira, Dina Halaby, Maurice Long, Augustin Gaschignard, Emilija Banionyte, Patricia Campion

12. Publishing and Disseminating Science Findings
Steven Rudgard, Enrica Porcari, Noha Adley, Leslie Chan, Michael Jensen

13. Information Access and Issues of Bandwidth
Mike Jensen, Martin Belcher, Pauline Ngimwa

14. Global Internet Research
William H. Dutton, Rick B. Duque, Jeremy Hunsinger

15. Science and ICT in China
Zhiyong Liu, Qiao Guo, Tao Xiaofeng, Xu Xiaodong, Zhang Ping, Kai Nan, Baoping Yan

16. ICT and the Kerala Model
Antony Palackal, Aruna Sundararajan, P. H. Kurien, Govindan Parayil, R. Sooryamoorthy, B. Paige Miller

17. Research Process and Connectivity in the Information Society
R. Sooryamoorthy, Paul Nyaga Mbatia, Wayne Johnson, George E. Okwach, Daniel Schaffer, Carthage Smith, John Dryden, Qiheng Hu, Wiebe Bijker, Wesley Shrum


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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