Poovendran, Radha

Secure Localization and Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks

Poovendran, Radha - Secure Localization and Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Localization Techniques

1. Range-Free Localization
Radu Stoleru, Tian He, John A. Stankovic

2. A Beacon-Less Location Discovery Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lei Fang, Wenliang Du, Peng Ning

3. Learning Sensor Location from Signal Strength and Connectivity
Neal Patwari, Alfred O. Hero, Jose A. Costa

4. Node Localization Using Mobile Robots in Delay-Tolerant Sensor Networks
Pubudu N Pathirana, Nirupama Bulusu, Andrey V Savkin, Sanjay Jha, Thanh X Dang

5. Experiences from the Empirical Evaluation of Two Physical Layers for Node Localization
Dimitrios Lymberopoulos, Andreas Savvides

Part II. Secure Localization

6. Robust Wireless Localization: Attacks and Defenses
Yanyong Zhang, Wade Trappe, Zang Li, Manali Joglekar, Badri Nath

7. Secure and Resilient Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Peng Ning, Donggang Liu, Wenliang Du

8. Secure Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks using Range-Independent Methods
Loukas Lazos, Radha Poovendran

9. TRaVarSeL-Transmission Range Variation based Secure Localization
Santosh Pandey, Farooq Anjum, Prathima Agrawal

10. Secure Sequence-based Localization for Wireless Networks
Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Kiran Yedavalli

11. Securing Localization in Wireless Networks (using Verifiable Multilateration and Covert Base Stations)

Srdjan ?apkun

12. Distance Bounding Protocols: Authentication Logic Analysis and Collusion Attacks
Catherine Meadows, Radha Poovendran, Dusko Pavlovic, LiWu Chang, Paul Syverson

13. Location Privacy in Wireless LAN
Leping Huang, Hiroshi Yamane, Kanta Matsuura, Kaoru Sezaki

Part III. Secure Time Synchronization

14. Time Synchronization Attacks in Sensor Networks
Tanya Roosta, Mike Manzo, Shankar Sastry

15. Secure and Resilient Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Kun Sun, Peng Ning, Cliff Wang

16. Securing Timing Synchronization in Sensor Networks
Srdjan ?apkun, Saurabh Ganeriwal, Simon Han, Mani Srivastava

Keywords: Computer Science, Data Encryption, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Computer Communication Networks, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Coding and Information Theory, Data Structures

Publication year
Advances in Information Security
Page amount
406 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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