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The Engineering of Sport 6

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Table of contents

1. Biomechanics

1. Synopsis of Current Developments: Biomechanics
Eric S. Wallace

2. Influence of Footwear on In-Shoe Loading for Different Soil Densities
Sharon J. Dixon, Iain James, Daniel Low

3. Validation of a Full-Body Computer Simulation of the Golf Drive for Clubs of Differing Length
Ian C. Kenny, Eric S. Wallace, Desmond Brown, Steve R. Otto

4. Measurement of Hand Palm Pressures in “La Pelota Vasca” Game
Javier Gámez, David Rosa, Enrique Alcántara, Antonio Martínez, María José Such, Juan Vicente Durá, Jaime Prat, José Ramiro

5. Analysis of the Relationship Between Mechanical Properties and Players’ Perception of the Balls in a Spanish Traditional Sport: “La Pilota Valenciana”
Javier Gámez, David Rosa, Enrique Alcántara, Ana Montaner, José María Gutierrez, Mario Comín, Pedro Vera, Jaime Prat

6. Biomechanical Analysis of Running on Third Generation Artificial Soccer Turf
Kenneth Meijer, Jeroen Dethmers, Hans Savelberg, Paul Willems, Bart Wijers

7. Evaluation of Energy Expenditure Rate During Continuous Upper Body Cyclic Exercise
Connie Yang, Mike P. Caine

2. Measurement Techniques

8. Synopsis of Current Developments: Measurement Techniques
John Morgan

9. Use of the Infrared Based Motion Capture System AS 200 in Sport Science
Martin Hofmann, Nico Granter, Kerstin Witte, Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser, Claudius Nowoisky

10. Employing Modern Elements of Vehicle Navigation for Integrated Motion Measurement in Sport
Jörg F. Wagner

11. Time-Resolved Measurements of Grip Force During a Golf Shot
Erin Schmidt, Jonathan Roberts, Steve Rothberg

12. Pacing Lights — a New Approach to Controlling Speed in the Gait Laboratory
Ben W. Heller, Stephen J. Haake

13. Measuring Equine Ground Reaction Forces
Jeremy Burn, John Morgan, Clive Wishart

14. Examination of a Swimming Dummy’s Flow Field Using Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Kerstin Witte, Bernd Wunderlich, Nils Betzler, Dominique Thévenin, Róbert Bordás, Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser

15. Head Accelerations During Soccer Heading
Brian P. Self, Joseph Beck, David Schill, Colin Eames, Ted Knox, John Plaga

16. A New Six Component Dynamometer for Measuring Ground Reaction Forces in Alpine Skiing
Andreas Kiefmann, Maximilian Krinninger, Udo Lindemann, Veit Senner, Peter Spitzenpfeil

17. Measurement of Draw-Length Alterations in the Final Pull in Archery
Juergen Edelmann-Nusser, Mario Heller, Martin Hofmann, Nico Ganter

18. Power Measurement During Rowing
Tim Deans, Martin Herbert, John Morgan

3. Modelling Equipment

19. Synopsis of Current Developments: Modelling Equipment
Kim B. Blair

20. Large Deflections during Bounce of Inflated Balls
Bill Stronge, Andrew Ashcroft

21. Finite Element Simulation of Ice Axe Pick Impact on a Semi-Rigid Surface
Rae Gordon, Kathryn Franklin

22. Optimization of the Handbike’s Drive Concept — Mathematical Approach
Harald Böhm, Christian Krämer, Veit Senner

23. Using CFD to Understand the Effects of Seam Geometry on Soccer Ball Aerodynamics
Sarah Barber, Stephen J. Haake, Matt Carré

24. Optimization of a Recurve Bow Riser Using Evolutionary Computing
Mario Heller, Juergen Edelmann-Nusser, Steffen Clement, Sándor Vajna, André Jordan

25. A Preliminary Investigation into Racing Motorcycle Aerodynamics
Angelo Tempia, Riccardo Pagliarella

26. A Comparison of Aerodynamic Drag of a Rugby Ball Using EFD and CFD
Firoz Alam, Pek Chee We, Aleksandar Subic, Simon Watkins

4. Modelling Systems

27. Synopsis of Current Developments: Modelling Systems
Aleksandar Subic

28. Relating Grip Characteristics to the Dynamic Response of Tennis Racquets
Nicholas Savage, Aleksandar Subic

29. Modelling the ‘run-out’ Throw in Cricket
Ken Bray, David G. Kerwin

30. Simulation Analysis of Maneuver in Skydiving
Ayako Aoyama, Motomu Nakashima

31. The Measurement of Applied Pressure at Depth with Two Natural Soil Surfaces at Different Densities
Iain James, Sharon Dixon, Kim Blackburn, Neil Pettican

32. Methods of Simulation and Manipulation for the Evaluation of Figure Skating Jumps
Thomas Härtel, Falk Hildebrand, Karin Knoll

33. Computer-Aided Football Training: Exploiting Advances in Distributed Tactical Operations Research
Pär-Anders Albinsson, Dennis Andersson

5. Modelling and Measurement Equipment in Skiing

34. Synopsis of Current Developments: Modelling and Measurement Equipment in Skiing
Veit Senner

35. Modeling of the Ski-Snow Contact for a Carved Turn
Martin Mössner, Dieter Heinrich, Kurt Schindelwig, Peter Kaps, Peter Lugner, Heinz-Bodo Schmiedmayer, Herwig Schretter, Werner Nachbauer

36. Improvements of Simulating Approach for Ski Turn
Toshiyuki Sakata, Takahiro Yanase

37. Influence of Ski Bending Stiffness on the Turning Radius of Alpine Skis at Different Edging Angles and Velocities
Dieter Heinrich, Martin Mössner, Peter Kaps, Herwig Schretter, Werner Nachbauer

38. Study on Modification of Ski Referring Characteristic of Ski-Turn (Change of Width and Shoe Center)
Kenji Hosokawa, Yu Sato, Toshiyuki Sakata

39. A Unified, Custom-built Measuring System for a Ski Athlete
Nathan Scott, Hiroyuki Kagawa, Takeshi Yoneyama

40. Analysis of Binding Loads in Snowboarding from Field Data Acquisition
Nicola Petrone, Eva Tenan, Piergiuseppe Fumei

6. Climbing — Pulley Mechanics and Taping

41. Synopsis of Climbing — Pulley Mechanics and Taping
Franz Konstantin Fuss

42. Biomechanical Properties of the A2 Pulley in Rock Climbers
Andreas Schweizer

43. Biomechanics of Finger Pulleys during Climbing
Ming Adin Tan, Franz Konstantin Fuss, Günther Niegl

44. Biomechanical Model for the Determination of the Forces acting on the Pulley System
Isabelle Schöffl, Volker R. Schöffl, Laurent Vigouroux, Franck Quaine

45. Impact of “Taping” after Finger Flexor Tendon Pulley Ruptures in Rock Climbers
Isabelle Schöffl, Frank Einwag, Volker R. Schöffl

46. Mechanical Influence of Finger Taping in Sport Climbing
Günther Niegl, Franz Konstantin Fuss, Ming Adin Tan

7. Climbing — Technical Aspects of Training and Performance

47. Synopsis of Climbing — Technical Aspects of Training and Performance
Franz Konstantin Fuss

48. Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome of Forearm Flexor Muscles in Rock Climbers — Evaluation of Physiological Standard Pressures
Volker R. Schöffl, Sebastian Klee, Wolf Strecker

49. Relation Between Specific Force Tests and Chained Degree in High Level Sport Climbers
Jon Iriberri Berrostegieta

50. Dynamic Eccentric-Concentric Strength Training of the Finger Flexors to Improve Rock Climbing Performance
Andreas Schweizer, Alexander Schneider

51. Strength Measurement and Clinical Outcome after Conservatively Treated Pulley Ruptures in Climbers
Volker R. Schöffl, Frank Einwag, Wolf Strecker, Isabelle Schöffl

52. Evolvement and Experimentation of a New Interval Method For Strength Endurance Development
Michael Michailov

8. Testing, Prototyping, Benchmarking

53. Synopsis of Current Developments: Testing, Prototyping and Benchmarking
Nicolas Belluye

54. Test Methods in the Development of Sports Equipment
Stephan Odenwald

55. The Design and Implementation of a Crash Pad Evaluation System for Speed Skating
Clifton R. Johnston, Sean Maw, O. Rod Fauvel

56. Optimization of the Handbike’s Drive Concept — Experimental Approach
Christian Krämer, Isabella Klöpfer, Veit Senner, Christiane Peters

57. Sports Surfaces — Impact Assessment Tools
Paul Fleming, Colin Young

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