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The Engineering of Sport 6

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Table of contents

1. Innovation

1. Synopsis of Current Developments: Innovation
Eckehard Fozzy Moritz

2. Custom-Fit: Quality of Life of European Sporting Public through Custom-Fit Products
Anton Gerrits, Chris Lewis Jones, Rafael Valero

3. VeloVent — An Inner City Traffic System for Active People
Maximilian Müller, Veit Senner, Michael Krohn

4. Approach of a Model for the Interaction Between Athlete, Sports Equipment and Environment
Andreas Krueger, Kerstin Witte, Juergen Edelmann-Nusser

5. Strategy Deployment of High-Technology Companies Entering the Consumer Sports Electronic Market
Alexandros Giannakis, Claude Stricker, Giorgos Kotrotsios

6. From Innovation to Firm Formation: Contributions by Sports Enthusiasts to the Windsurfing, Snowboarding & Skateboarding Industries
Sonali K. Shah

7. Some Problems of Pareto-Optimisation in Sports Engineering
Alexander Podgaets, Wubbo Ockels, Kazuya Seo, Valeriy Stolbov, Alexey Belyaev, Anton Shumihin, Sergey Vasilenko

8. Life Cycle Assessment and Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Sports Equipment
Aleksandar Subic, Niall Paterson

9. Sports Engineering and Sustainability
R. Keith Hanna, Eckehard Fozzy Moritz

2. Design

10. Synopsis of Current Developments: Design
Mike Caine

11. The Use of System Analysis and Design Methodology in the Development of a Novel Cricket Bowling System
Laura Justham, Andrew West

12. Degradation of Tennis Balls and their Recovery
Aimee C Cubitt, Alan N Bramley

13. Development of a Highly Adjustable Cushioned Treadmill
Philip Hodgkins, Steve Rothberg, Mike Caine

14. A New Piece of Equipment for Skiing and Fitness — A Comparison with Existing Models
Peter R. Fischer, Christian Nolte

15. A Fresh Approach to Sports Equipment Design: Evolving Hockey Sticks Using Genetic Algorithms
Mark McHutchon, Graeme Manson, Matt Carré

16. Development of a New Nordic Walking Equipment and a New Sporting Technique
Anton Sabo, Martin Reichel, Markus Eckelt, Hannes Kogler

3. Materials

17. Synopsis of Current Developments: Materials
Reiner Lützeler

18. Recent Advances in Understanding the Behavior of Shockpads for Outdoor Synthetic Sports Pitches
Lauren Anderson, Paul Fleming, Ali Ansarifar

19. The Effect of Pressure on Friction of Steel and Ice and Implementation to Bobsleigh Runners
Melanie Dumm, Christian Hainzlmaier, Stephan Boerboom, Erich Wintermantel

20. Prediction of the Flexural Modulus of Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics for use as Kayak Paddle Blades
Paul. D. Ewart, C. J. R. Verbeek

21. Sandvik Nanoflex® — Designed for Ultimate Performance
Carl Johan Irander, Göran Berglund

22. Manufacturing of Bobsled Runners
Michael F. Zaeh, Paul Gebhard

23. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics — Trendsetting Material for High Performance Racing Bike Chassis
Michael Kaiser, Norbert Himmel

24. Development of Equipment to Compare Novel Ice Skate Blade Materials
Nick Hamilton, Terry Senior

4. Safety

25. Synopsis of Current Developments: Safety
Jasper E. Shealy

26. Safe Use and Redesign of Hydrostatic Weighing Equipment
Kathryn Franklin, Simon Williams, Rae Gordon

27. Effects of the Mechanical Properties of the Shell and Liner on the Shock Absorption of Helmets
Yusuke Miyazaki, Sadayuki Ujihashi, Tomohiko Jin, Shinichirou Akiyama, Ko CheolWoong

28. Simulation of Puck Flight to Improve Safety in Ice Hockey Arenas
C. Schwiewagner, H. Böhm, V. Senner

29. Dynamic Wrist Joint Protector for Sports Applications
Richard M. Greenwald, Jeffrey J. Chu, Alexander W. Jessiman

30. Do Helmets Reduce Fatalities or Merely Alter the Patterns of Death?
Jasper E. Shealy, Robert J. Johnson, Carl F. Ettlinger

5. Computer Applications in Sports

31. Synopsis of Current Developments: Computer Application in Sports
Arnold Baca

32. Development and Integration of a Novel Cricket Bowling System
Laura Justham, Andrew West, Alex Cork

33. Creating the SMART system—A Database for Sports Movement
Chikara Miyaji, Koji Ito, Jun Shimizu

34. Computer Application in Sports
Arnold Baca

35. Ubiquitous Fitness Support Starts in Everyday’s Context
Gunnar Stevens, Volker Wulf, Markus Rohde, Andreas Zimmermann

36. Application of Different Computerized Methods for Modelling the Training-Performance Relationship
Nico Ganter, Kerstin Witte, Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser

37. Computer-Supported Training (CST) — Integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Outdoor Training
Josef Wiemeyer

38. Potentials of Information Technologies for Innovation in Fitness Equipment — A Case Study
Christian Henneke, Frank Hoisl, Stefan Schönberger, Eckehard F. Moritz

39. Computer Support for Coaching and Scouting in Football
Gerard Sierksma

40. The Effects of Multimedia Computer-Assisted Instruction on Middle School Students’ Volleyball Performance
Nicholas Vernadakis, Eleni Zetou, Andreas Avgerinos, Maria Giannousi, Efthimis Kioumourtzoglou

6. Human Factors

41. Synopsis of Current Developments: Human Factors
Monika Fikus

42. Human Movement as a Culturally Shaped Act
Imke K. Meyer

43. Understanding Human Perception of Field Hockey Stick Performance
Matt Carré, Mark McHutchon

44. Strategies for Bank Shots and Direct Shots in Basketball
Hiroki Okubo, Mont Hubbard

45. Optimising Sweeping Techniques for Olympic Curlers
Brett A. Marmo, Mark-Paul Buckingham, Jane R. Blackford

46. An Initial Investigation of Human-Natural Turf Interaction in the Laboratory
Victoria H. Stiles, Sharon J. Dixon, Iain T. James

47. Analysis of Game Creativity Development by Means of Continuously Learning Neural Networks
Daniel Memmert, Jürgen Perl

48. Influence of Sports Equipments on Human Arm
S. Kawamura, H. Takihara, H. Minamoto, Hossain Md. Zahid

49. Using Sport to Educate and Enthuse Young People About Engineering and the Physical Sciences
David M James, Stephen J Haake

50. Movement, Health and Quality of Life for Senior Citizens — Prerequisites, Approaches, Concepts
Martin Strehler, Andreas Hasenknopf, Eckehard Fozzy Moritz

7. Performance Sports

51. Synopsis of Current Developments: Performance Sports
Chikara Miyaji

52. The Application of Inertial Sensors in Elite Sports Monitoring
Daniel A. James

53. Requirements and Solution Concepts for the Development of Sport-Specific Measuring Units in High Performance Sports
Klaus Knoll, Klaus Wagner

54. Analysis of Fulcrum Skate Performance
Kim B. Blair, Kieran F. Culligan, David Walfisch

55. The Klap-Trap: A Device to Monitor Dynamics of the Klap Mechanism in Speed Skating
Sean Maw, Clifton R. Johnston, Allen Yuen

8. Golf Club Development

56. Synopsis of Current Developments: Golf Club Development
Anton Sabo

57. Optimum Design and Validation of a Graphite Golf Shaft Based on Dynamics of Swing
Manryung Lee, Cheol Kim

58. Modelling Vibration Frequency and Stiffness Variations in Welded Ti-Based Alloy Golf Driver Heads
Simon Adelman, Steve Otto, Martin Strangwood

59. Optimal Adjustment of Composite-Material Club Shaft Characteristics
Moo Sun Kim, Sun Jin Kim, Dong Chul Han, Woo Il Lee

60. Factors Determining Backspin from Golf Wedges
James Cornish, Stuart Monk, Steve Otto, Martin Strangwood

61. Player Fitting of Golf Equipment Using a Calibration Club
Tom Mase, Mark Timms, Cory West

62. Evaluation of Long and Short Shafts of Golf Club by Real Swing
Takuzo Iwatsubo, Daiki Nakajima

63. Iron Golf Club Striking Characteristics for Male Elite Golfers
Alex J. McCloy, Eric S. Wallace, Steve R. Otto

64. A Golf Swing Robot Emulating Golfers Considering Dynamic Interactions Between Arms and Clubs
Chaochao Chen, Yoshio Inoue, Kyoko Shibata

9. Outdoor Sports

65. Synopsis of Current Developments: Outdoor Sports
Ulrich Hartmann

66. Influence of a New Backpack Design on Kinematics and Dynamics of Walking
Christophe Gillet, Matthieu Foissac, Sébastien Leteneur, Philippe Freychat, Franck Barbier

67. Study of the Loss of Thermal Properties of Mountain Boots in an Expedition to Mount Everest
David Rosa, Enrique Alcántara, Juan Carlos González, Natividad Martínez, Mario Comín, María José, Pedro Vera, Jaime Prat

68. The Role of Engineering in Fatigue Reduction
Guillaume Millet, Stéphane Perrey, Matthieu Foissac

10. Shoes & Apparel

69. Synopsis of Current Developments: Shoes and Apparel
Thomas L. Milani

70. Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Technology for Sports Recovery
Tom Waller, Mike Caine, Rhys Morris

71. A New Protocol for Testing the Tensile Strength of Rugby Garments — A Preliminary Study
Bryan C. Roberts, Mike P. Caine

72. Modelling Traction of Studded Footwear on Sports Surfaces using Neural Networks
Bob Kirk, Matt Carré, Stephen Haake, Graeme Manson

73. The use of Stereoscopy and High-Speed Video for the Measurement of Quasi-Static and Dynamic Shoe Loading Scenarios
Paul J. Gibbs, Sean R. Mitchell, Andy R. Harland

74. Benchmarking Stiffness of Current Sprint Spikes and Concept Selective Laser Sintered Nylon Outsoles
Daniel Toon, Nico Kamperman, Uzoma Ajoku, Neil Hopkinson, Mike Caine

75. Relationship Between Shoe Dimensions, Ground Reaction Forces and Perception of Stability During Locomotion
Maxime Roux, Céline Puyaubreau, Philippe Gorce

76. Mechanical Properties of Orthopaedic Insoles under Cyclic Loads and Correlation with Daily Use
Nicola Petrone, Emanuela Faggiano, Roberto Meneghello

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