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Remote Sensing in Archaeology

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Table of contents

Section I. Radar And Satellite Images

1. Imaging Radar in Archaeological Investigations: An Image Processing Perspective
Derrold W. Holcomb, Irina Lita Shingiray

2. Radar Images and Geoarchaeology of the Eastern Sahara
Farouk El-Baz, Cordula A. Robinson, Turki S.M. Al-Saud

3. Southern Arabian Desert Trade Routes, Frankincense, Myrrh, and the Ubar Legend
Ronald G. Blom, Robert Crippen, Charles Elachi, Nicholas Clapp, George R. Hedges, Juris Zarins

4. The Use of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) in Archaeological Investigations and Cultural Heritage Preservation
Diane L. Evans, Tom G. Farr

5. Detection and Identification of Archaeological Sites and Features Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data Collected from Airborne Platforms
Douglas C. Comer, Ronald G. Blom

6. Putting Us on the Map: Remote Sensing Investigation of the Ancient Maya Landscape
William Saturno, Thomas L. Sever, Daniel E. Irwin, Burgess F. Howell, Thomas G. Garrison

7. Creating and Perpetuating Social Memory Across the Ancient Costa Rican Landscape
Payson Sheets, Thomas L. Sever

8. Spaceborne and Airborne Radar at Angkor: Introducing New Technology to the Ancient Site
Elizabeth Moore, Tony Freeman, Scott Hensley

Section II. Aerial Photography and Fractals

9. Remote Sensing, Fractals, and Cultural Landscapes: An Ethnographic Prolegomenon Using U2 Imagery
Ezra B. W. Zubrow

Section III. Geographic Information Systems

10. Understanding Archaeological Landscapes: Steps Towards an Improved Integration of Survey Methods in the Reconstruction of Subsurface Sites in South Tuscany
Stefano Campana, Riccardo Francovich

11. Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis of a Maya City and Its Landscape: Holmul, Guatemala
Francisco Estrada-Belli, Magaly Koch

12. Remote Sensing and GIS Use in the Archaeological Analysis of the Central Mesopotamian Plain
Benjamin F. Richason, Carrie Hritz

Section IV. Geophysical Prospecting and Analytical Presentations

13. Ground-penetrating Radar for Archaeological Mapping
Lawrence B. Conyers

14. Integrating Multiple Geophysical Datasets
Kenneth L. Kvamme

15. Ground Penetrating Radar Advances in Subsurface Imaging for Archaeology
Dean Goodman, Kent Schneider, Salvatore Piro, Yasushi Nishimura, Agamemnon G. Pantel

16. Landscape Archaeology and Remote Sensing of a Spanish-Conquest Town: Ciudad Vieja, El Salvador
William R. Fowler, Francisco Estrada-Belli, Jennifer R. Bales, Matthew D. Reynolds, Kenneth L. Kvamme

17. Urban Structure at Tiwanaku: Geophysical Investigations in the Andean Altiplano
Patrick Ryan Williams, Nicole Couture, Deborah Blom

18. Geophysical Archaeology in the Lower Amazon: A Research Strategy
A. C. Roosevelt

Section V. Maritime Setting Applications

19. Archaeological Oceanography
Robert D. Ballard

20. Precision Navigation and Remotes Sensing for Underwaters Archaeology
David A. Mindell

Section VI. Cultural Resources and Heritage Management

21. Applications of Remote Sensing to the Understanding and Management of Cultural Heritage Sites
John H. Stubbs, Katherine L.R. McKee

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Archaeology, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

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Interdisciplinary Contributions To Archaeology
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564 pages

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