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Perspectives in Operations Research

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Table of contents

Part I.History & Perspectives

1. Reflections on Saul Gass’ Influence
Rudolph P. Lamone

2. Four Score Years of Saul I. Gass: Portrait of an OR Professional
Arjang A. Assad

3. In the Beginning: Saul Gass and Other Pioneers
Alfred Blumstein

4. Learning from the Master: Saul Gass, Linear Programming, and the OR Profession
Thomas L. Magnanti

5. Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards: Reflections on Definitions of Operations Research by Morse and Kimball
Richard Larson

6. Ben Franklin: America’s First Operations Researcher
Bruce L. Golden

7. Good Management, the Missing XYZ Variables of OR Texts
Kenneth Chelst, Gang Wang

8. The Operations Research Profession: Westward, Look, the Land is Bright
Randall S. Robinson

Part II.Optimization & Heuristic Search

9. Choosing a Combinatorial Auction Design: An Illustrated Example
Karla Hoffman

10. Label-Correcting Shortest Path Algorithms Revisited
María G. Bardossy, Douglas R. Shier

11. The Ubiquitous Farkas Lemma
Rakesh V. Vohra

12. Parametric Cardinality Probing in Set Partitioning
Anito Joseph, Edward K. Baker

13. A Counting Problem in Linear Programming
Jim Lawrence

14. Toward Exposing the Applicability of Gass & Saaty’s Parametric Programming Procedure
Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson

15. The Noisy Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem: A Computational Analysis
Feiyue Li, Bruce L. Golden, Edward A. Wasil

16. The Close Enough Traveling Salesman Problem: A Discussion of Several Heuristics
Damon J. Gulczynski, Jeffrey W. Heath, Carter C. Price

17. Twinless Strongly Connected Components
S. Raghavan

Part III.Modeling & Making Decisions

18. EOQ Rides Again!
Beryl E. Castello, Alan J. Goldman

19. The Federal Express Local Sort Facility Employee Scheduling Problem
Lawrence Bodin, Zhanging Zhao, Michael Ball, Atul Bhatt, Guruprasad Pundoor, Joe Seviek

20. Sensitivity Analysis in Monte Carlo Simulation of Stochastic Activity Networks
Michael C. Fu

21. The EM Algorithm, Its Randomized Implementation and Global Optimization: Some Challenges and Opportunities for Operations Research
Wolfgang Jank

22. Recovering Circles and Spheres from Point Data
Christoph Witzgall, Geraldine S. Cheok, Anthony J. Kearsley

23. Why the New York Yankees Signed Johnny Damon
Lawrence Bodin


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