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Table of contents

1. The Road Toward Ontologies
Diana Marcela Sánchez, José María Cavero, Esperanza Marcos Martínez

2. Use of Ontologies for Organizational Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems
Vasudeva Varma

3. Ontological Evaluation of Business Models: Comparing Traditional and Component-Based Paradigms in Information Systems Re-Engineering
Raul Valverde, Mark Toleman

4. Using Ontologies in the Semantic Web: A Survey
Li Ding, Pranam Kolari, Zhongli Ding, Sasikanth Avancha

5. Positivism or Non-Positivism — Tertium Non Datur
Bernd Carsten Stahl

6. Ontology, Life-World, and Responsibility in IS
Bernd Carsten Stahl

7. An Ontological Approach to Develop Knowledge Intensive CBR Systems
Belén Díaz-Agudo, Pedro A. González-Calero

8. MDA Standards for Ontology Development
Dragan Djuric, Dragan Gaševic, Vladan Devedžic

9. Ontology Specification and Integration for Multimedia Applications
Hiranmay Ghosh, Santanu Chaudhury, Karthik Kashyap, Brindaduti Maiti

10. Ontology Revision
Seung Hwan Kang, Sim Kim Lau

11. Modeling and Reasoning About Changes in Ontology Time Series
Tomi Kauppinen, Eero Hyvönen

12. Machine Learning-Based Maintenance of Domain-Specific Application Ontologies
Alexandros G. Valarakos, George Vouros, Constantine Spyropoulos

13. MnM: Semi-Automatic Ontology Population from Text
Maria Vargas-Vera, Emanuela Moreale, Arthur Stutt, Enrico Motta, Fabio Ciravegna

14. An Ontological Approach to Requirements Elicitation Technique Selection
Ann M. Hickey, Alan M. Davis

15. Use of Ontology for Automating Knowledge Intensive Business Processes
Jyoti M. Bhat, Krishnakumar Pooloth, Manohar Moorthy, Renuka Sindhgatta, Srinivas Thonse

16. Using Ontologies to Create Object Model for Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Dencho N. Batanov, Waralak Vongdoiwang

17. An Ontology-Based Exploration of Knowledge Systems for Metaphor
Chu-Ren Huang, Siaw-Fong Chung, Kathleen Ahrens

18. The Knowledge Collective Framework Makes Ontology Based Information Accessible, Maintainable, and Reusable
Jay A. Yusko, Martha W. Evens

19. Information Systems Aspects and the Ontology of Hypermedia Systems
Miguel-Ángel Sicilia, Elena García-Barriocanal, Salvador Sánchez-Alonso

20. Ontology-Enabled Database Management Systems
N. L. Sarda

21. Enhancing Interoperability and Web Services Standards Through Ontological Analysis
Peter Green, Michael Rosemann, Marta Indulska

22. Context-Aware Ontology Selection Framework
Simone A. Ludwig, S. M. S. Reyhani

23. Ontology-Based User Modeling
Liana Razmerita

24. Ontology-Based User Profiles for Personalized Search
Susan Gauch, Mirco Speretta, Alexander Pretschner

25. Ontology-Driven Information System for Supply Chain Management
Charu Chandra, Armen Tumanyan

26. Framework for Enhanced Interoperability
Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves, João P. M. A. Silva, António A. C. Monteiro, Adolfo Steiger-Garção

27. Foundations for a Core Ontology of Manufacturing
Stefano Borgo, Paulo Leitão

28. Engineering a Development Platform for Ontology-Enhanced Knowledge Applications
Gary H. Merrill

29. Inductive Design and Testing of a Performance Ontology for Mobile Emergency Medical Services
Thomas Horan, Ugur Kaplancali, Richard Burkhard, Benjamin Schooley

30. Development of an Ontology-Based Smart Card System Reference Architecture
István Mezgár, Zoltán Kincses

31. Using Ontologies in Mobile Surveyor
Xin Zheng, Delbert Hart

32. The News Ontology for Professional Journalism Applications
Norberto Fernández-García, Luis Sánchez-Fernández, José M. Blázquez-del-Toro, Jesús Villamor-Lugo


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