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Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology: Economics and Policy

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Table of contents

1. Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology: Introduction and Overview
Richard E. Just, David Zilberman, Julian M. Alston

Part I. Agricultural Biotechnology in the Context of a Regulated Agricultural Sector

2. Economic Analysis and Regulating Pesticide Biotechnology at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Derek Berwald, Sharlene Matten, David Widawsky

3. Compliance Costs for Regulatory Approval of New Biotech Crops
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Julian M. Alston, Kent J. Bradford

4. Regulation of Technology in the Context of U.S. Agricultural Policy
Bruce Gardner

5. Managing Liabilities Arising from Agricultural Biotechnology
Stuart Smyth, Peter W. B. Phillips, W. A. Kerr

6. Status of Agricultural Biotechnology: An International Perspective
Robert E. Evenson

7. Interactions Between Trade Policies and GM Food Regulations
Kym Anderson

8. The Value of Non-Pecuniary Characteristics of Crop Biotechnologies: A New Look at the Evidence
Michele C. Marra, Nicholas E. Piggott

9. Bt Corn’s Reduction of Mycotoxins: Regulatory Decisions and Public Opinion
Felicia Wu

10. Consumer Attitudes and Market Resistance to Biotech Products
Wallace E. Huffman, Matt Rousu

11. Comparison of Consumer Responses to Genetically Modified Foods in Asia, North America, and Europe
Jill J. McCluskey, Kristine M. Grimsrud, Thomas I. Wahl

Part II. Conceptual Issues in Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology

12. The Economics of Biotechnology Regulation
David Zilberman

13. Labeling Regulations and Segregation of First- and Second-Generation GM Products: Innovation Incentives and Welfare Effects
GianCarlo Moschini, Harvey Lapan

14. Regulation of Technology in the Context of Risk Generation
Erik Lichtenberg

15. Environmental Effects of Genetically Modified Crops: Differentiated Risk Assessment and Management
David E. Ervin, Rick Welsh

16. Irreversibility, Uncertainty, and the Adoption of Transgenic Crops: Experiences from Applications to HT Sugar Beets, HT Corn, and Bt Corn
Sara Scatasta, Justus Wesseler, Matty Demont

17. Anticompetitive Impacts of Laws that Regulate Commercial Use of Agricultural Biotechnologies in the United States
Richard E. Just

18. Regulation, Trade, and Market Power: Agricultural Chemical Markets and Incentives for Biotechnology
Vincent H. Smith

19. Regulation and the Structure of Biotechnology Industries
Paul Heisey, David Schimmelpfennig

20. The Social Welfare Implications of Intellectual Property Protection: Imitation and Going Off Patent
James F. Oehmke

Part III. Case Studies on the Economics of Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology

21. International Approval and Labeling Regulations of Genetically Modified Food in Major Trading Countries
Colin A. Carter, Guillaume P. Gruère

22. Benefits and Costs of Biosafety Regulation in India and China
Carl E. Pray, Jikun Huang, Ruifa Hu, Qihuai Wang, Bharat Ramaswami, Prajakta Bengali

23. Biosafety Regulation of Genetically Modified Orphan Crops in Developing Countries: A Way Forward
José Falck Zepeda, Joel I. Cohen

24. Bt Resistance Management: The Economics of Refuges
George B. Frisvold

25. Managing European Corn Borer Resistance to Bt Corn with Dynamic Refuges
Silvia Secchi, Terrance M. Hurley, Bruce A. Babcock, Richard L. Hellmich

26. Farmer Demand for Corn Rootworm Bt Corn: Do Insect Resistance Management Guidelines Really Matter?
Ines Langrock, Terrance M. Hurley

27. Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard, and Grower Compliance with Bt Corn Refuge
Paul D. Mitchell, Terrance M. Hurley

28. Damage from Secondary Pests and the Need for Refuge in China
Shenghui Wang, David R. Just, Per Pinstrup-Andersen

29. Regulation of Biotechnology for Field Crops
Richard K. Perrin

30. Regulation of Transgenic Crops Intended for Pharmaceutical and Industrial Uses
Gregory D. Graff

31. Regulation of Biotechnology for Forestry Products
Roger A. Sedjo

32. Regulation of Biotechnology for Specialty Crops
Kent J. Bradford, Julian M. Alston, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes

33. What Have We Learned, and Where Do We Go from Here?
Julian M. Alston, Richard E. Just, David Zilberman

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Agricultural Economics, R & D/Technology Policy, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

Publication year
Natural Resource Management and Policy
Page amount
740 pages

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