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Mental Health, Social Mirror

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Table of contents

Part I.Reflections Through The Sociological Looking Glass

1. Through the Looking Glass: The Fortunes of the Sociology of Mental Health
Bernice A. Pescosolido, Jane D. McLeod, William R. Avison

2. Sociology, Psychiatry, and the Production of Knowledge about Mental Illness and Its Treatment
Leonard I. Pearlin, William R. Avison, Elena M. Fazio

3. The Changing Role(s) of Sociology (and Psychology) in the National Institute of Mental Health Intramural Research Program
Carmi Schooler

Part II.Sociological Theory And Mental Health

4. Classical Sociological Theory, Evolutionary Psychology, and Mental Health
Allan V. Horwitz

5. Contemporary Social Theory and the Sociological Study of Mental Health
Ann Branaman

Part III.The Social Origins Of Mental Health And Mental Illness

6. Class Relations, Economic Inequality and Mental Health: Why Social Class Matters to the Sociology of Mental Health
Carles Muntaner, Carme Borrell, Haejoo Chung

7. Work and the Political Economy of Stress: Recontextualizing the Study of Mental Health/Illness in Sociology
Rudy Fenwick, Mark Tausig

8. Race and Mental Health: Past Debates, New Opportunities
Teresa Evans-Campbell, Karen D. Lincoln, David T. Takeuchi

9. Life Course Perspectives on Social Factors and Mental Illness
Linda K. George

10. Transition to Adulthood, Mental Health, and Inequality
Susan Gore, Robert H. Aseltine, Elizabeth A. Schilling

11. Contributions of the Sociology of Mental Health for Understanding the Social Antecedents, Social Regulation, and Social Distribution of Emotion
Robin W. Simon

12. Social Psychology and Stress Research
Jane D. McLeod, Kathryn J. Lively

Part IV.Social Responses To Mental Illness

13. Stigma and the Sociological Enterprise
Bernice A. Pescosolido, Jack K. Martin

14. Social Integration: A Conceptual Overview and Two Case Studies
Stephanie W. Hartwell, Paul R. Benson

15. Sociological Traditions in the Study of Mental Health Services Utilization
Donna D. McAlpine, Carol A. Boyer

16. An Organizational Analysis of Mental Health Care
Teresa L. Scheid, Greg Greenberg

17. Recognizing a Role for Structure and Agency: Integrating Sociological Perspectives into the Study of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness
Philip T. Yanos, Edward L. Knight, David Roe

Part V.Mental Health, Social Mirror: Looking Forward, Reflecting Back

18. Mainstream Sociology and Sociological Specialties: Toward Understanding the Gap and Its Consequences
Sheldon Stryker


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