Zhang, Jingwu

Immune Regulation and Immunotherapy in Autoimmune Disease

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Table of contents

Part I.Immune Regulation and Autoimmune Disease

1. Autoimmune Response and Immune Tolerance
Ana C. Anderson, Vijay K. Kuchroo

2. Priming Regulatory T Cells and Antigen-Specific Suppression of Autoimmune Disease
Trevor R. F. Smith, Xiaolei Tang, Vipin Kumar

3. Peripheral T Cell Regulation and Autoimmunity
Hong Jiang, Leonard Chess

4. Anti-Ergotypic Regulation of the Immune Response
Francisco J. Quintana, Irun R. Cohen

5. How B Cells Contribute to Multiple Sclerosis Pathology
Kevin C. O'Connor, Sunil V. Cherry, David A. Hafler

6. Molecular Basis for Induction of Tolerance in Type I Diabetes
Sophie Candon, Lucienne Chatenoud, Jean-FranÇois Bach

7. Co-stimulation Regulation of Immune Tolerance and Autoimmunity
Chen Dong, Roza Nurieva, Natalia Martin-Orozco

8. Invariant NKT Cells and Immune Regulation in Multiple Sclerosis
Takashi Yamamura

9. CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells in Autoimmune Disease
Adam P. Kohm, Stephen D. Miller

10. Immunopathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis: Overview
Til Menge, Bernhard Hemmer, Stefan Nessler, Dun Zhou, Bernd C. Kieseier, Hans-Peter Hartung

11. Viral Infection and Multiple Sclerosis
Elizabeth L. Williams, Steven Jacobson

12. Multiple Sclerosis Pathology During Early and Late Disease Phases: Pathogenic and Clinical Relevance
Claudia F. Lucchinetti

13. CD8+ T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis
Manuel A. Friese, Lars Fugger

Part II.Novel Immunotherapeutic Strategies and Emerging Treatments

14. Review of Novel Immunotherapeutic Strategies for MS
Heinz Wiendl, Reinhard Hohlfeld

15. T Cell Vaccination in Autoimmune Disease
Sheri M. Skinner, Ying C. Q. Zang, Jian Hong, Jingwu Z. Zhang

16. Trivalent T Cell Receptor Peptide Vaccine for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Targets Predominant V Genes Widely Implicated in Autoimmune Diseases and Allergy
Arthur A. Vandenbark, Nicole E. Culbertson

17. Nonmyeloablative Stem Cell Transplantation for Multiple Sclerosis
Richard K. Burt, Yvonne Loh, Larissa Verda

18. T Cell-Targeted Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hendrik Schulze-Koops, Peter E. Lipsky

19. Estrogens in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Rhonda R. Voskuhl

20. Immune Regeneration Through Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation to Restore Tolerance in Autoimmune Disease
Paolo A. Muraro

21. Cell Transplantation of Peripherally Derived Adult Cells for Promoting Recovery from CNS Injury
Christine Radtke, Peter M. Vogt, Jeffery D. Kocsis

22. Multiple Sclerosis: Future Directions and Prospects
Hartmut Wekerle


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