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Protein Interactions

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Table of contents

1. The Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions Using Fluorescence Fluctuation Techniques
Emmanuel Margeat, Hacène Boukari, Catherine A. Royer

2. Characterization of Protein–Protein Interactions Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Hong Wang, Yong Yang, Dorothy A. Erie

3. Combined Solid-Phase Detection Techniques for Dissecting Multiprotein Interactions on Membranes
Jacob Piehler

4. Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensing in the Study of Ternary Systems of Interacting Proteins
Eric J. Sundberg, Peter S. Andersen, Inna I. Gorshkova, Peter Schuck

5. Mass Spectrometry for Studying Protein Modifications and for Discovery of Protein Interactions
Peter S. Backlund, Alfred L. Yergey

6. H/2H Exchange Mass Spectrometry of Protein Complexes
Elizabeth A. Komives

7. Elucidation of Protein–Protein and Protein–Ligand Interactions by NMR-Spectroscopy
Hans Robert Kalbitzer, Werner Kremer, Frank Schumann, Michael Spörner, Wolfram Gronwald

8. Application of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry in Exploring the Extended Interface
John E. Ladbury, Mark A. Williams

9. Solvent Mediated Protein–Protein Interactions
Christine Ebel

10. Sedimentation Equilibrium Analytical Ultracentrifugation for Multicomponent Protein Interactions
Peter Schuck

11. Structure Analysis of Macromolecular Complexes by Solution Small-Angle Scattering
D. I. Svergun, P. Vachette

12. Fluorescence Detection of Proximity
K. Wojtuszewski, J. J. Harvey, M. K. Han, J. R. Knutson

13. Steady-State and Time-Resolved Emission Anisotropy
K. Wojtuszewski, J. R. Knutson

14. Analysis of Protein-DNA Equilibria by Native Gel Electrophoresis
Claire A. Adams, Michael G. Fried

15. Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry and the Study of Protein Complexes
Alan M. Sandercock, Carol V. Robinson

16. Sedimentation Velocity in the Study of Reversible Multiprotein Complexes
Peter Schuck

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biochemistry, general, Cell Biology, Biophysics/Biomedical Physics, Analytical Chemistry

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