Wallace, Edwin R.

History of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology

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Table of contents

Section One. Prolegomenon

1. Historiography
Edwin R. Wallace

2. Contextualizing the History of Psychiatry/Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Edwin R. Wallace

Section Two. Periods

3. Mind and Madness in Classical Antiquity
Bennett Simon

4. Mental Disturbances, Unusual Mental States, and Their Interpretation during the Middle Ages
George Mora

5. Renaissance Conceptions and Treatments of Madness
George Mora

6. The Madman in the Light of Reason Enlightenment Psychiatry
Dora B. Weiner

7. The Madman in the Light of Reason. Enlightenment Psychiatry
Dora B. Weiner

8. Philippe Pinel in the Twenty-First Century
Dora B. Weiner

9. German Romantic Psychiatry
Otto M. Marx

10. German Romantic Psychiatry
Otto M. Marx

11. Descriptive Psychiatry and Psychiatric Nosology during the Nineteenth Century
German Berrios

12. Biological Psychiatry in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
John Gach

13. The Intersection of Psychopharmacology and Psychiatry in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
David Healy

Section Three. Concepts and Topics

14. A History of Melancholia and Depression
Stanley W. Jackson

15. Constructing Schizophrenia as a Category of Mental Illness
Sander L. Gilman

16. The Concept of Psychosomatic Medicine
Herbert Weiner

17. Neurology’s Influence on American Psychiatry: 1865–1915
Edward M. Brown

18. The Transformation of American Psychiatry
Gerald N. Grob

19. The Transition to Secular Psychotherapy
Adam Crabtree

20. Psychoanalysis in Central Europe
Hannah S. Decker

21. The Psychoanalytic Movement in the United States, 1906–1991
Sanford Gifford

22. The Development of Clinical Psychology, Social Work, and Psychiatric Nursing: 1900–1980s
Nancy Tomes

23. Thoughts Toward a Critique of Biological Psychiatry
John Gach

24. Two “Mind”-“Body” Models for a Holistic Psychiatry
Edwin R. Wallace

25. Freud on “Mind-Body” I: The Psychoneurobiological and “Instinctualist” Stance; with Implications for Chapter 24, and Two Postscripts
Edwin R. Wallace

26. Freud on “Mind”-“Body” II: Drive, Motivation, Meaning, History, and Freud’s Psychological Heuristic; with Clinical and Everyday Examples
Edwin R. Wallace

27. Psychosomatic Medicine and the Mind-Body Relation
Herbert Weiner

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Psychiatry, History of Psychology, Social Sciences, general, History of Medicine, Psychoanalysis

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