Tsoukas, Constantine

Lymphocyte Signal Transduction

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Table of contents

1. Protein Kinase C-Theta (PKC?): New Perspectives on Its Functions in T Cell Biology
Rina Barouch-Bentov, Amnon Altman

2. Travel Informations on the TEC Kinases during Lymphocyte Activation
Fabien Garçon, Jacques A. Nunès

3. Inducible T Cell Tyrosine Kinase (ITK): Structural Requirements and Actin Polymerization
Constantine D. Tsoukas, Juris A. Grasis, Cecille D. Browne, Keith A. Ching

4. Differential Requirements of PI3K Subunits for BCR or BCR/CD19-Induced ERK Activation
Elena Vigorito, Martin Turner

5. Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases in Human Disease
Tomas Mustelin

6. The T Cell-Specific Adapter Protein Functions as a Regulator of Peripheral but not Central Immunological Tolerance
Philip E. Lapinski, Jennifer N. MacGregor, Francesc Marti, Philip D. King

7. Proximal Signals Controlling B-Cell Antigen Receptor (BCR) Mediated NF-?B Activation
Miguel E. Moreno-García, Karen M. Sommer, Ashok D. Bandaranayake, David J. Rawlings

8. The Adapter 3BP2: How It Plugs into Leukocyte Signaling
Marcel Deckert, Robert Rottapel

9. CTLA-4 Regulation of T Cell Function via RAP-1-Mediated Adhesion
Helga Schneider, Elke Valk, Silvy da Rocha Dias, Bin Wei, Christopher E. Rudd

10. Protein Crosstalk in Lipid Rafts
Raquel J. Nunes, Mónica A. A. Castro, Alexandre M. Carmo

11. Role of Lipid Rafts in Activation-Induced Cell Death : The Fas Pathway in Aging
Anis Larbi, Elisa Muti, Roberta Giacconi, Eugenio Mocchegiani, Tamàs Fülöp

12. T Cell Response in Aging: Influence of Cellular Cholesterol Modulation
Tamas Fulop, Gilles Dupuis, Carl Fortin, Nadine Douziech, Anis Larbi

13. Lymphocyte Signaling and the Translatability of mRNA
Suzanne Miyamoto

14. Protein Arginine Methylation: A New Frontier in T Cell Signal Transduction
Brandon T. Schurter, Fabien Blanchet, Oreste Acuto

15. Immune Regulation by Ubiquitin Conjugation
K. Venuprasad, Chun Yang, Yuan Shao, Dmytro Demydenko, Yohsuke Harada, Myung-shin Jeon, Yun-Cai Liu

16. CTIB (C-Terminus Protein of I?B-ß: A Novel Factor Required for Acidic Adaptation
Toshihiko Fukamachi, Qizong Lao, Shinya Okamura, Hiromi Saito, Hiroshi Kobayashi

17. HIV May Deplete Most CD4 Lymphocytes by a Mechanism Involving Signaling through its Receptors on Non-Permissive Resting Lymphocytes
Miles W. Cloyd, Jiaxiang Ji, Melissa Smith, Vivian Braciale

18. Integrating Traditional and Postgenomic Approaches to Investigate Lymphocyte Development and Function
Yina Hsing Huang, Rina Barouch-Bentov, Ann Herman, John Walker, Karsten Sauer

19. Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Lymphocyte Signaling
Lulu Cao, Kebing Yu, Arthur R. Salomon


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