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International Handbook of White-Collar and Corporate Crime

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction: Theoretical Issues in Organizational and Corporate Lawbreaking

1. Beyond Macro- and Micro-Levels of Analysis, Organizations, and the Cultural Fix
Diane Vaughan

2. Understanding Corporate Lawbreaking: From Profit Seeking to Law Finding
Peter Cleary Yeager

3. Attributing Responsibility for Organizational Wrongdoing
Matthew T. Lee, Jeannine A. Gailey

Part II. White-Collar Criminogenesis: Structure, Motivation, and Rationalization

4. Generative Worlds of White-Collar Crime
Neal Shover

5. Because They Can
James Gobert, Maurice Punch

Part III. Critical and Postmodern Approaches to Research

6. Researching Corporate and White-Collar Crimeinan Eraof Neo-Liberalism
Steve Tombs, Dave Whyte

7. An Age of Miracles?
Frank Pearce

8. White-Collar Crime in a Postmodern, Globalized World
David O. Friedrichs

Part IV. Corporate Crime and State-Corporate Crime

9. Corporate Crime
Amitai Etzioni, Derek Mitchell

10. State-Corporate Crime and Criminological Inquiry
Raymond J. Michalowski, Ronald C. Kramer

Part V. Legal Perspectives: Theory, Irresponsibility, and Liability

11. A Normative Approach to White-Collar Crime
Stuart P. Green

12. The Corporation as a Legally Created Site of Irresponsibility
Harry Glasbeek

13. Preventive Fault and Corporate Criminal Liability: Transforming Corporate Organizations into Private Policing Entities
Richard S. Gruner

Part VI. Forms of White-Collar Crime

14. Gold-Collar Crime
Chrisje Brants

15. Environmental Pollution by Corporations in Japan
Minoru Yokoyama

16. Crime in the World of Art
Christine Alder, Kenneth Polk

17. Computer Crime and White-Collar Crime
Peter Grabosky, Sascha Walkley

Part VII. Professional and Occupational White-Collar Crime

18. From Pink to White with Various Shades of Embezzlement: Women Who Commit White-Collar Crimes
Mary Dodge

19. The Itching Palm: The Crimes of Bribery and Extortion
David Shichor, Gilbert Geis

20. Crimes by Lawyers in Japan and the Responsibilities of Professionals
Shin Matsuzawa, Tokikazu Konishi

Part VIII. Corruption: Narratives, Definitions, and Applications

21. Corruption Kills
William K. Black

22. On the Comparative Study of Corruption
Franklin E. Zimring, David T. Johnson

23. Corporate Corruption in the New Economy
Robert Tillman, Michael Indergaard

24. Cesare Beccaria and White-Collar Crimes’ Public Harm
Gabrio Forti, Arianna Visconti

Part IX. Case Studies

25. The Role of the Mass Media in the Enron Fraud
Stephen M. Rosoff

26. Crime? What Crime? Tales of the Collapse of HIH
Fiona Haines

27. Enron, Lernout & Hauspie, and Parmalat
Georges Kellens, Michäel Dantinn, Bertrand Demonceau

28. White-Collar Crime and Reactions of the Criminal Justice System in the United States and Japan
Tomomi Kawasaki

Part X. Policing White-Collar Crime

29. Policing Healthcare at the Dawn of the New Millennium
Paul Jesilow

30. Policing Financial Crimes
Michael Levi

Part XI. Regulation, Prevention, and Control

31. Situational Crime Prevention and White-Collar Crime
Michael L. Benson, Tamara D. Madensen

32. “This Time We Really Mean It!”
Laureen Snider

33. White-Collar Crime and Prosecution for “Industrial Manslaughter” as a Means To Reduce Workplace Deaths
Rick Sarre

34. The Punishment of Corporate Crime in China
Ling Zhang, Lin Zhao

Keywords: Social Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Social Sciences, general

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