Auken, O. W.

Western North American Juniperus Communities

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Table of contents

1. Ecology

1. Western North American Juniperus Communities: Patterns and Causes of Distribution and Abundance
O. W. Auken, Fred Smeins

2. Structure and Composition of Juniperus Communities and Factors That Control Them
O. W. Auken, Duncan C. McKinley

3. Distribution of Juniperus Woodlands in Central Texas in Relation to General Abiotic Site Type
David D. Diamond, C. Diane True

4. Structure and Function of Woodland Mosaics: Consequences of Patch-Scale Heterogeneity and Connectivity Along the Grassland–Forest Continuum
David D. Breshears

5. Comparison of the Understory Vegetation of Juniperus Woodlands
Rob Wayne, O. W. Auken

6. The Potential Role of Mycorrhizae in the Growth and Establishment of Juniperus Seedlings
J. K. Bush

2. Encroachment: Community Changes

7. Ecological Impacts of Ashe Juniper on Subtropical Savanna Parklands and Woodlands
Paul W. Barnes, Suh-Yuen Liang, Kirk E. Jessup, Patricia A. Ramirez, Lana E. D'Souza, Kristine G. Elliott, Patricia L. Phillips

8. Ecological Consequences of the Replacement of Native Grassland by Juniperus virginiana and Other Woody Plants
Alan K. Knapp, J. K. McCarron, A. M. Silletti, G. A. Hoch, J. C. Heisler, M. S. Lett, John M. Blair, J. M. Briggs, M. D. Smith

9. Altered Ecosystem Processes as a Consequence of Juniperus virginiana L. Encroachment into North American Tallgrass Prairie
Duncan C. McKinley, Mark D. Norris, John M. Blair, Loretta C. Johnson

10. Juniper Tree Impacts on Local Water Budgets
M. Keith Owens

11. Juniperus Woodlands and the Water Cycle on Karst Rangelands
Bradford P. Wilcox

3. Management

12. The Combined Influence of Grazing, Fire, and Herbaceous Productivity on Tree–Grass Interactions
Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, Steven A. Archer, Fred Smeins, David M. Engle, Charles A. Taylor

13. Ecological Consequences of Using Prescribed Fire and Herbivory to Manage Juniperus Encroachment
Charles A. Taylor

14. From the Dust Bowl to the Green Glacier: Human Activity and Environmental Change in Great Plains Grasslands
David M. Engle, Bryan R. Coppedge, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf

15. Reversing the Woodland Steady State: Vegetation Responses During Restoration of Juniperus-Dominated Grasslands with Chaining and Fire
R. James Ansley, Harold T. Wiedemann

4. The Future

16. Conclusions: Present Understanding and Future Research in Juniperus Communities
O. W. Auken

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Environmental Management, Plant Ecology, Nature Conservation, Forestry Management, Landscape Ecology

Publication year
Ecological Studies
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332 pages
Natural Sciences

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