Richter, Dirk

Violence in Mental Health Settings

Richter, Dirk - Violence in Mental Health Settings, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Measurement and Epidemiology

1. Assessing Aggression of Psychiatric Patients: Methods of Measurement and Its Prevalence
Henk Nijman, Stâl Bjørkly, Tom Palmstierna, Roger Almvik

II. The Psychology and Sociology of the Violent Incident

2. Psychological Theories of Aggression: Principles and Application to Practice
Stâl Bjørkly

3. From the Individual to the Interpersonal: Environment and Interaction in the Escalation of Violence in Mental Health Settings
Richard Whittington, Dirk Richter

4. Users' Perceptions and Views on Violence and Coercion in Mental Health
Christoph Abderhalden, Sabine Hahn, Yvonne D. B. Bonner, Gian Maria Galeazzi

III. Prediction and Management

5. Diversity and Consistency in the Legal Management of Involuntary Admission and Treatment Across Europe
Trond Hatling, Athanassios Douzenis, Jim Maguire

6. Prediction of Violence in Inpatient Settings
Tilman Steinert

7. Nonphysical Conflict Management and Deescalation
Dirk Richter

8. Coercive Measures in the Management of Imminent Violence: Restraint, Seclusion and Enhanced Observation
Richard Whittington, Eric Baskind, Brodie Paterson

9. The Pharmacological Management of Aggression
Laurette E. Goedhard, Joost J. Stolker, Eibert R. Heerdink, Henk L. I. Nijman, Berend Olivier, Toine C. G. Egberts

IV. Improving Staff Skills in Handling Management

10. Aggression Management Training Programs: Contents, Implementation, and Organization
Nico E. Oud

11. The Effects of Aggression Management Training for Mental Health Care and Disability Care Staff: A Systematic Review
Dirk Richter, Ian Needham, Stefan Kunz

V. The Organizational Context

12. Locating Training Within a Strategic Organizational Response to Aggression and Violence
Kevin J. McKenna, Brodie Paterson

13. Safety and Security in Psychiatric Clinical Environments
Seamus Cowman

14. Ward Culture and Atmosphere
Joy A. Duxbury, Anna Björkdahl, Sheena Johnson

VI. Consequences: Handling the Aftermath

15. Psychological Responses Following Exposure to Violence
Ian Needham


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