Kaplan, Robert M.

Optimizing Health: Improving the Value of Healthcare Delivery

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Table of contents

1. “CLINECS”: Strategy and Tactics to Provide Evidence of the Usefulness of Health Care Services from the Patient's Perspective (Value for Patients)
Franz Porzsolt, Robert M. Kaplan

2. Systems View of Health Care
Robert M. Kaplan

3. Seeking Justice in Health Care
Lawrence J. Schneiderman

4. Evidence-Based Medicine and Ethics: Desired and Undesired Effects of Screening
Franz Porzsolt, Heike Leonhardt-Huober

5. Paradoxes of Medical Progress: Abandoned Patients, Physicians, and Nurses
Peter Strasser

6. Theory Behind the Bridge Principles
Hans Russ, Johannes Clouth, Franz Porzsolt

7. How to Measure Quality of Life
Robert M. Kaplan

8. New Instrument to Describe Indicators of Well-Being in Old Old Patients with Severe Dementia: Vienna List
Franz Porzsolt, Marina Kojer, Martina Schmidl, Elfriede R. Greimel, Jörg Sigle, Jörg Richter, Martin Eisemann

9. Patient Empowerment: Increased Compliance or Total Transformation?
Susan B. Rifkin

10. Shared Decision Making in Medicine
Hana Kajnar

11. Overdiagnosis and Pseudodisease: Too Much of a “Good Thing”?
Robert M. Kaplan

12. Palliative Medicine Today: Evidence and Culture
E. Jane Maher

13. Medical Geography–Who Gets the Goods? More May Not Be Better
Robert M. Kaplan

14. Cancer Survival in Europe and the United States
Gemma Gatta

15. Patient Safety: What Does It Mean in the United States?
Joseph E. Scherger

16. Increasing Safety by Implementing Optimized Team Interaction: Experience from the Aviation Industry
Manfred Müller

17. Evidence-Based Information Technology: Concept for Rational Information Processing in the Health Care System
Horst Kunhardt

18. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Measuring the Value of Health Care Services
Robert M. Kaplan

19. Cost-Effectiveness of Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
Robert M. Kaplan, Scott D. Ramsey

20. Health Economic Evaluation of Adjuvant Breast Cancer Treatment
Reinhold Kilian, Franz Porzsolt

21. Aims and Value of Screening: Is Perceived Safety a Value for Which to Pay?
Franz Porzsolt, Heike Leonhardt-Huober, Robert M. Kaplan

22. Evidence-Based Health Care Seen From Four Points of View
Amit K. Ghosh, Dirk Stengel, Nancy Spector, Narayana S. Murali, Franz Porzsolt

23. Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Efficiency of Diagnostic Technology
Dirk Stengel, Franz Porzsolt

24. Reduced Mammographic Screening May Explain Declines in Breast Carcinoma Among Older Women
Robert M. Kaplan, Sidney L. Saltzstein

25. “Fading of Reported Effectiveness” Bias: Longitudinal Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Bernhard T. Gehr, Christel Weiss, Franz Porzsolt

26. Clinical Research and Outcomes Research: Common Criteria and Differences
Franz Porzsolt, Dirk Stengel, Amit K. Ghosh, Robert M. Kaplan

27. Are the Results of Randomized Trials Influenced by Preference Effects? Part I. Findings from a Systematic Review
Dirk Stengel, Jalid Sehouli, Franz Porzsolt

28. Are the Results of Randomized Trials Influenced by Preference Effects? Part II. Why Current Studies Often Fail to Answer this Question
Franz Porzsolt, Dirk Stengel

29. Suggested Changes in Practice, Research, and Systems: Clinical Economics Point of View
Robert M. Kaplan, Franz Porzsolt


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