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Table of contents

1. History of the Lamto Ecology Station and Ecological Studies at Lamto
Roger Vuattoux, Souleymane Konaté, Luc Abbadie, Sébastien Barot, Jacques Gignoux, Gaëlle Lahoreau

Part I. The Environment

2. Geology, Landform, and Soils
Luc Abbadie, Jean-Claude Menaut

3. Climate
Xavier Roux

4. Environmental Constraints on Living Organisms
Luc Abbadie, Jacques Gignoux, Michel Lepage, Xavier Roux

5. Vegetation
Jean-Claude Menaut, Luc Abbadie

Part II. Structure and Functioning of Plant Cover

6. Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Exchanges
Xavier Roux, Bruno Monteny

7. Biomass Cycle and Primary Production
Jacques Gignoux, Patrick Mordelet, Jean-Claude Menaut

8. Tree/Grass Interactions
Patrick Mordelet, Xavier Roux

9. Modeling the Relationships between Vegetation Structure and Functioning, and Modeling Savanna Functioning from Plot to Region
Xavier Roux, Jacques Gignoux, Guillaume Simioni

10. Modification of the Savanna Functioning by Herbivores
Xavier Roux, Luc Abbadie, Hervé Fritz, Hélène Leriche

Part III. Carbon Cycle and Soil Organic Matter Dynamics

11. Origin, Distribution, and Composition of Soil Organic Matter
Luc Abbadie, Hassan Bismarck Nacro

12. Soil Carbon and Organic Matter Dynamics
Luc Abbadie, Hassan Bismarck Nacro, Jacques Gignoux

13. Perturbations of Soil Carbon Dynamics by Soil Fauna
Michel Lepage, Luc Abbadie, Guy Josens, Souleymane Konaté, Patrick Lavelle

Part IV. The Nitrogen Cycle

14. Nitrogen Inputs to and Outputs from the Soil-Plant System
Luc Abbadie

15. Nitrogen Dynamics in the Soil-Plant System
Luc Abbadie, Jean-Christophe Lata

16. Role of Soil Fauna in Nitrogen Cycling
Michel Lepage, Luc Abbadie, Guy Josens, Patrick Lavelle

Part V. Plant Community Dynamics

17. Spatial Pattern, Dynamics, and Reproductive Biology of the Grass Community
Jacques Gignoux, Isabelle Dajoz, Jacques Durand, Lisa Garnier, Michel Veuille

18. Structure, Long-Term Dynamics, and Demography of the Tree Community
Jacques Gignoux, Sébastien Barot, Jean-Claude Menaut, Roger Vuattoux

19. Modeling Tree and Grass Dynamics: From Demographic to Spatially Explicit Models
Jacques Gignoux, Sébastien Barot

Part VI. Toward an Integration of Savanna Structure, Functioning, and Dynamics

20. A Synthetic Overview of Lamto Savanna Ecology: Importance of Structure-Functioning-Dynamics Relationships
Xavier Roux, Luc Abbadie, Jacques Gignoux

21. Perspectives: From the Lamto Experience to Critical Issues for Savanna Ecology Research
Jacques Gignoux, Xavier Roux, Luc Abbadie


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