Belardelli, Filippo

The Biology of Dendritic Cells and HIV Infection

Belardelli, Filippo - The Biology of Dendritic Cells and HIV Infection, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I.General Aspects of Dendritic Cell Biology, Functions, and Clinical Application

1. Dendritic Cell Biology: Subset Heterogeneity and Functional Plasticity
Vassili Soumelis, Yong-Jun Liu, Michel Gilliet

2. Dendritic Cells and Their Role in Linking Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses
Mary F. Lipscomb, Julie A. Wilder, Barbara J. Masten

3. Dendritic Cell and Pathogen Interactions in the Subversion of Protective Immunity
John E. Connolly, Damien Chaussabe, Jacques Banchereau

4. Dendritic Cells as Keepers of Peripheral Tolerance
Sabine Ring, Alexander H. Enk, Karsten Mahnke

5. Adjuvants, Dendritic Cells, and Cytokines: Strategies for Enhancing Vaccine Efficacy
Paola Rizza, Imerio Capone, Filippo Belardelli

6. Ex Vivo–Generated Dendritic Cells for ClinicalTrials versus In Vivo Targeting to Dendritic Cells: Critical Issues
Joannes F. M. Jacobs, Cândida F. Pereira, Paul J. Tacken, I. Jolanda M. Vries, Cornelus J. A. Punt, Gosse J. Adema, Carl G. Figdor

Part II.General Aspects of the Pathogenesis and Immune Response to HIV-1 Infection

7. Immunopathogenesis of HIV Infection
Elisa Vicenzi, Massimo Alfano, Silvia Ghezzi, Guido Poli

8. Innate Cellular Immune Responses in HIV Infection
Barbara Schmidt, Nicolai A. Kittan, Sabrina Haupt, Jay A. Levy

9. Adaptative Immune Responses in HIV-1 Infection
Mara Biasin, Mario Clerici

Part III.Dendritic Cells and HIV Interactions and Their Role in Pathogenesis and Immunity

10. Binding and Uptake of HIV by Dendritic Cellsand Transfer to T Lymphocytes: Implicationsfor Pathogenesis
Anthony L. Cunningham, John Wilkinson, Stuart Turville, Melissa Pope

11. Loss, Infection, and Dysfunction of Dendritic Cells in HIV Infection
Steven Patterson, Heather Donaghy, Peter Kelleher

12. HIV Exploitation of DC Biology to Subvertthe Host Immune Response
Manuela Cornò, Lucia Conti, Maria Cristina Gauzzi, Laura Fantuzzi, Sandra Gessani

13. Cross-Presentation by Dendritic Cells: Rolein HIV Immunity and Pathogenesis
Concepción Marañón, Guillaume Hoeffel, Anne- ClaireRipoche, Anne Hosmalin

14. Immunotherapy of HIV Infection: Dendritic Cells as Targets and Tools
Imerio Capone, Giuseppe Tambussi, Paola Rizza, Adriano Lazzarin


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