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Complex Systems Science in Biomedicine

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Table of contents

Part I.Introduction

1. Integrative Systems View of Life: Perspectives from General Systems Thinking
J. Yasha Kresh

Part II.Complex Systems Science: The Basics

2. Methods and Techniques of Complex Systems Science: An Overview
Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

3. Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Joshua E. S. Socolar

4. Biological Scaling and Physiological Time: Biomedical Applications
Van M. Savage, Geoffrey B. West

5. The Architecture of Biological Networks
Stefan Wuchty, Erszébet Ravasz, Albert-László Barabási

6. Robustness in Biological Systems: A Provisional Taxonomy
David C. Krakauer

Part III.Complex Adaptive Biosystems: A Multi-Scaled Approach

7. Noise in Gene Regulatory Networks
Juan M. Pedraza, Alexander Oudenaarden

8. Modeling RNA Folding
Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler

9. Protein Networks
Andreas Wagner

10. Electronic Cell Environments: Combining Gene, Protein, and Metabolic Networks
P. Dhar, M. Tomita

11. Tensegrity, Dynamic Networks, and Complex Systems Biology: Emergence in Structural and Information Networks Within Living Cells
Sui Huang, Cornel Sultan, Donald E. Ingber

12. Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Eukaryotic Gradient Sensing
K. K. Subramanian, Atul Narang

13. Patterning by EGF Receptor: Models from Drosophila Development
Lea A. Goentoro, Stanislav Y. Shvartsman

14. Developmental Biology: Branching Morphogenesis
S. R. Lubkin

15. Modeling Cardiac Function
Raimond L. Winslow

16. Cardiac Oscillations and Arrhythmia Analysis
Leon Glass

17. How Distributed Feedbacks from Multiple Sensors Can Improve System Performance: Immunology and Multiple-Organ Regulation
Lee A. Segel

18. Microsimulation of Inducible Reorganization in Immunity
Thomas B. Kepler

19. The Complexity of the Immune System: Scaling Laws
Alan S. Perelson, Jason G. Bragg, Frederik W. Wiegel

20. Neurobiology and Complex Biosystem Modeling
George N. Reeke

21. Modeling Spontaneous Episodic Activity in Developing Neuronal Networks
Joël Tabak, John Rinzel

22. Clinical Neuro-Cybernetics: Motor Learning in Neuronal Systems
Florian P. Kolb, Dagmar Timmann

23. Modeling Cancer as A Complex Adaptive System: Genetic Instability and Evolution
Kenneth J. Pienta

24. Spatial Dynamics in Cancer
Ricard V. Solé, Isabel González García, José Costa

25. Modeling Tumors as Complex Biosystems: An Agent-Based Approach
Yuri Mansury, Thomas S. Deisboeck

26. The Complexity of Dynamic Host Networks
Steve W. Cole

27. Physiologic Failure: Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
Timothy G. Buchman

28. Aging as a Process of Complexity Loss
Lewis A. Lipsitz

Part IV.Enabling Technologies

29. Biomedical Microfluidics and Electrokinetics
Steve Wereley, Carl Meinhart

30. Gene Selection Strategies in Microarray Expression Data: Applications to Case-Control Studies
Gustavo A. Stolovitzky

31. Application of Biomolecular Computing to Medical Science: A Biomolecular Database System for Storage, Processing, and Retrieval of Genetic Information and Material
John H. Reif, Michael Hauser, Michael Pirrung, Thomas LaBean

32. Tissue Engineering: Multiscaled Representation of Tissue Architecture and Function
Mohammad R. Kaazempur-Mofrad, Eli J. Weinberg, Jeffrey T. Borenstein, Joseph P. Vacanti

33. Imaging the Neural Systems for Motivated Behavior and Their Dysfunction in Neuropsychiatric Illness
Hans C. Breiter, Gregory P. Gasic, Nikos Makris

34. A Neuromorphic System
David P. M. Northmore, John Moses, John G. Elias

35. A Biologically Inspired Approach Toward Autonomous Real-World Robots
Frank Kirchner, Dirk Spenneberg

36. Virtual Reality, Intraoperative Navigation, and Telepresence Surgery
M. Peter Heilbrun


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