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Reviews in Fluorescence 2006

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Table of contents

1. The History of Fret
Robert M. Clegg

2. Trichogin Topology and Activity in Model Membranes as Determined by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
B. Pispisa, L. Stella, C. Mazzuca, M. Venanzi

3. Theory of Metal-Fluorophore Interactions
Nils Calander

4. Current Development in the Determination of Intracellular NADH Level
Zhi-hong Liu, Ru-xiu Cai, Jun Wang

5. Prediction of Thermal Tissue Damage Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Christopher D. Anderson, Wei-Chiang Lin, Ravi S. Chari

6. Detection of Biological Thiols
Jorge O. Escobedo, Oleksandr Rusin, Weihua Wang, Onur Alptürk, Kyu Kwang Kim, Xiangyang Xu, Robert M. Strongin

7. Fluorescent Bronchoscopy
Franz Stanzel

8. Quantum Dots as Fluorescent Labels for Molecular and Cellular Imaging
Gang Ruan, Amit Agrawal, Andrew M. Smith, Xiaohu Gao, Shuming Nie

9. Molecular AnalysiS Using Microparticle-Based Flow Cytometry
John P. Nolan

10. Total Internal Reflection-Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Nancy L. Thompson, Jamie K. Pero

11. Fluorescence Probes of Protein Dynamics and Conformations in Freely Diffusing Molecules
Carey K. Johnson, Brian D. Slaughter, Jay R. Unruh, E. Shane Price

12. Biological Application of FLIM by TCSPC
Axel Bergmann, Rory R. Duncan

13. Time-Resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy Applied to Silica Sol-Gel Growth and Surface Modification
Dina Tleugabulova, John D. Brennan

14. Dynamics of DNA and Portein-DNA Complexes Viewed Through Time-Domain Fluorescence
Nabanita Nag, T. Ramreddy, Mamata Kombrabail, P. M. Krishna Mohan, Jacinta D’souza, B. J. Rao, Guy Duportail, Yves Mely, G. Krishnamoorthy

15. Protein-Protein Interactions In Vivo: Use of Biosensors Based on FRET
Jan Willem Borst, Isabella Nougalli-Tonaco, Mark A. Hink, Arie Hoek, Richard G. H. Immink, Antonie J. W. G. Visser

16. Spectroscopy for the Assessment of Melanomas
Ousama M. A’Amar, Irving J. Bigio

17. Quantitative Fluorescence Hybridization Using Automated Image Cytometry on Interphase Nuclei
Khuong Truong, Anne Gibaud, Nicolas Vogt, Bernard Malfoy

18. Importance of Measuring Free Zinc in Cells
Rebecca A. Bozym, Richard B. Thompson, Carol A. Fierke

19. Laser-Based Detection of Atmospheric Halocarbons
Jean-Franois Gravel, Denis Boudreau

20. Fret Studies of Conformational Transitions in Proteins
Herbert C. Cheung, Wen-Ji Dong

21. Green Fluorescent Protein as a Biosensor for Toxic Compounds
Renato J. Aguilera, Jessica Montoya, Todd P. Primm, Armando Varela-Ramirez

22. Multidimensional Fluorescence Imaging Applied to Biological Tissue
Daniel S. Elson, Neil Galletly, Clifford Talbot, Jose Requejo-Isidro, James McGinty, Christopher Dunsby, Peter M. P. Lanigan, Ian Munro, Richard K. P. Benninger, Pieter Beule, Eigidijus Auksorius, Laszlo Hegyi, Ann Sandison, Andrew Wallace, Pat Soutter, Mark A. A. Neil, John Lever, Gordon W. Stamp, Paul M. W. French

23. Multiplexed Fluorescence Detection for DNA Sequencing
Li Zhu, Steven A. Soper

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biological Microscopy, Biotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

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Reviews in Fluorescence
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633 pages
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