Jacobson, John W.

Handbook of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Jacobson, John W. - Handbook of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, ebook


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Table of contents


1. Epidemiology and Etiology of Mental Retardation
Suzanne McDermott, Maureen S. Durkin, Nicole Schupf, Zena A. Stein

2. The Autism Spectrum
Christopher Gillberg

3. Cerebral Palsy
Sarah Winter

4. Epilepsy in People With Mental Retardation
Shoumitro Deb

5. Pediatric Brain Injury
Dennis C. Russo, Erin Dunn, Gary Pace, Robin S. Codding

6. Behavioral Effects of Genetic Mental Retardation Disorders
Robert M. Hodapp, Elisabeth M. Dykens

7. Social Acceptance and Attitude Change
Gary N. Siperstein, Jennifer Norins, Amanda Mohler

II.Disability Services

8. Evaluating Developmental Disabilities Services
John W. Jacobson

9. Educational Service Interventions and Reforms
James M. Kauffman, Timothy J. Landrum

10. Psychological Services for Older Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
James P. Acquilano, Philip W. Davidson, Matthew P. Janicki

11. Residential and Day Services
Richard R. Saunders

12. Behavioral–Clinical Consultation in the Developmental Disabilities
Joseph N. Ricciardi, James K. Luiselli

13. Advocacy and Litigation in Professional Practice
Richard J. Landau

III.Assessment and Diagnosis

14. Intellectual Assessment and Intellectual Disability
John G. Borkowski, Shannon S. Carothers, Kimberly Howard, Julie Schatz, Jaelyn R. Farris

15. Adaptive Behavior
Sharon A. Borthwick-Duffy

16. Psychosocial and Mental Status Assessment
Peter Sturmey

17. Functional Behavioral Assessment in Practice: Concepts and Applications
Sandra L. Harris, Beth A. Glasberg

18. Psychoeducational Assessment
Caroline I. Magyar, Vincent Pandolfi, Christine R. Peterson

19. Developmental and Behavioral Screening
Frances Page Glascoe

20. Forensic and Psychosexual Assessment
Marc Goldman

21. Family Assessment and Social Support
Laraine Masters Glidden, Sarah A. Schoolcraft

IV.Prevention and Treatment

22. Science to Practice in Intellectual Disability
Sigan L. Hartley, Sarah Voss Horrell, William E. Maclean

23. Early Intervention
Sharon Landesman Ramey, Craig T. Ramey, Robin Gaines Lanzi

24. The System of Early Intervention for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Michael J. Guralnick

25. Stereotypy, Self-Injury, and Related Abnormal Repetitive Behaviors
James W. Bodfish

26. Assessment and Treatment Psychopathology Among People with Developmental Delays
Johnny L. Matson, Rinita B. Laud

27. Aggression in Persons With Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Disorders
William I. Gardner

28. Speech and Language Deficits in Children with Developmental Disabilities
Joanne Gerenser, Bonnie Forman, Thursday’S Child

29. Functional Skills Training for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Paula K. Davis, Ruth Anne Rehfeldt

30. Social Skills Training for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Denis G. Sukhodolsky, Eric M. Butter

31. Vocational Skills and Performance
Janis G. Chadsey

32. Sex Offending Behavior
Christine Maguth Nezu, Arthur M. Nezu, Tamara L. Klein, Mary Clair

33. Pharmacotherapy
Michael G. Aman, Yaser Ramadan

V.Ethical Issues

34. Ethical Issues in Clinical Services and Research
Robert L. Sprague

35. Ethics and Values in Behavioral Perspective
Linda J. Hayes, Jonathan Tarbox


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