Antosia, Robert E.

Handbook of Bioterrorism and Disaster Medicine

Antosia, Robert E. - Handbook of Bioterrorism and Disaster Medicine, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I.General Concepts

1. Defining A Disaster
Robert E. Antosia

2. Early Warning Systems
Robert E. Antosia

3. Epidemiology Of Disasters
Robert E. Antosia

4. Triage
Frederick M. Burkle

5. Disaster Logistics
Robert E. Antosia

6. Public Health Preparedness
Robert E. Antosia

7. Intergovernmental and Governmental Organizations
Robert E. Antosia

8. Nongovernmental Organizations
Jerry Lambert

9. Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
Frederick M. Burkle

Part II.Natural Disasters

10. Earthquakes
Kevin King

11. Volcanoes
William Porcaro

12. Floods
Kevin King

13. Tsunamis
Robert E. Antosia

14. Hurricanes And Typhoons
Manuel Colon, John D. Cahill

15. Tornadoes
Sarah M. Kelmenson

16. Drought
Robert E. Antosia

17. Firestorms And Wildfires
Medley O’Keefe Gatewood

18. Heatwave/Hyperthermia
Stephen Epstein, Atul Kukar

19. Winter Storm Disasters And Hypothermia
Matt Miles, Robert E. Antosia

Part III.Bioevents and Manmade Disasters

20. The Epidemiology Of War And Conflict
Frederick M. Burkle

21. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Liudvikas Jagminas, Robert E. Antosia

22. Anthrax
John D. Cahill

23. Smallpox
Fred P. Harchelroad

24. Plague
Mara Aloi

25. Tularemia
Tracy H. Zivin-Tutela

26. Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Amesh Adalja

27. Botulism
Rosie Monardo, Kaushal Shah

28. Q Fever
Christopher Cammarata

29. Brucellosis
Richard V. Hausrod

30. Alphaviruses
Sam Shen

31. Ricin
Kristin J. Kent

32. Epsilon Toxin
Robert E. Antosia

33. Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B
Robert E. Antosia

34. Food- And Water-Borne Agents
Ann-Jeannette Geib, Michele M. Burns

35. Melioidosis
Kristin J. Kent

36. Nerve Agents
Frank Guyette

37. Vesicants
Stephen J. Traub

38. Pulmonary Agents
Ann-Jeannette Geib, Michele M. Burns

39. Cyanides
Joshua Nagler

40. Nuclear Detonation/Ionizing Radiation Exposure
Robert Buckner, Peter S. Martin

41. Hazardous Material Disasters
Robert E. Antosia

42. Maritime Disasters
Robert E. Antosia

43. Aviation Disasters
Robert E. Antosia

Part IV.Medical Management of Disaster-Related Injuries and Disease

44. The ABCs and Resuscitation Algorithms for Cardiopulmonary Arrest
Lawrence Lo, Kaushal Shah

45. Shock:Diagnosis And Management
Kaushal Shah

46. Intravenous Fluid Requirements And Blood Products
Michael Levine, Ryan E. Braun

47. Decontamination
Liudvikas Jagminas

48. Acute Inhalation injury
Dorsett D. Smith, David J. Prezant

49. Electrical Injuries
Dennis Hanlon

50. Toxicology
Stephen J. Traub

51. Measles
Scott Cohen

52. Approach To Diarrhea And Dysentery
Tracy H. Zivin-Tutela

53. Malaria
John D. Cahill

54. Meningitis And Encephalitis
Catherine James

55. Tubercolosis
John D. Cahill

56. Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Type 1 And Aids
George F. McKinley

57. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Anna Cheh

58. Schistosomiasis
Mara Aloi

59. Tetanus
Marina Del Rios

60. Bitewounds And Rabies
Mischa Mirin

61. Tick-Borne Diseases
Megan Fix

62. Leptospirosis
Rishi Malhotra

63. Wound Care Management
Neha Parikh, George J. Raukar

64. Abdominal Trauma
Michael Levine, Charles N. Pozner

65. Thoracic Trauma
Liudvikas Jagminas

66. Neurotrauma
Robert E. Antosia

67. Blast Injuries
David Riley, John D. Cahill

68. Crush Injuries
Tommy Y.S. Wong

69. Missle Injuries
Liudvikas Jagminas

70. Burn Management
Liudvikas Jagminas

Part V.Pedriatric Considerations and Disasters

71. Pediatric Problems In Developing Countries
Ramona Sunderworth

72. Nutritional Assessment In Malnutritition
Scott Cohen

73. Treatment Of Malnutrition In Children
Scott Cohen

74. Evaluation And Management Of Pediatric Disaster Victims
Debra Weiner, Lise Nigrovic, Shannon Manzi, Michael W. Shannon

75. Pediatric-Specific Diasater-Related Considerations
Debra Weiner, Lise Nigrovic, Shannon Manzi, Michael W Shannon

76. Pediatric Specialty Team Response To Disaster
Debra Weiner, Lise Nigrovic, Shannon Manzi, Michael Shannon

Part VI.Medical and Humanitarian Disasters

77. Water,Sanitation,And Hygiene
John D. Cahill

78. Shelter
Rashid F. Kysia

79. Refugees And Internally Displaced Populations
Philip D. Anderson

80. Child Soldiers
Sophie Skarbek-Borowska, George W. Skarbek-Borowski

81. Reproductive Health
Barbara Kilian

Part VII.Education, Health Issues, and Resources

82. Emergency Preparedness
Dan Wiener

83. Syndromic Surveillance
Dan Wiener

84. Jchaco Emergency Management Standards
Dan Wiener

85. Health And The Humanitarian/Disasterworker
John D. Cahill

86. Immunization Schedules And Recommendations
Arathi Rao, Maria Mileno

87. Healthcare Worker Exposures To Blood And Body Fluids
Roland Merchant

88. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Brian Wolfson

89. International Law:A Primer For Healthcare Professionals
Michael H. Hoffman

90. A Guide To The Worldwide Web
Barbara Kilian


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