Bray, George A.

Overweight and the Metabolic Syndrome

Bray, George A. - Overweight and the Metabolic Syndrome, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Neuroendocrine Control of Food Intake
Andrew A. Butler, James L. Trevaskis, Christopher D. Morrison

2. Body Composition Assessment of Obesity
Wm. Cameron Chumlea

3. Prevalence of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
Ali H. Mokdad, Earl S. Ford

4. The Genetic Contribution to Obesity
Raul A. Bastarrachea, Jack W. Kent, Jeff T. Williams, Guowen Cai, Shelley A. Cole, Anthony G. Comuzzie

5. Etiology of Obesity: The Problem of Maintaining Energy Balance
Barry E. Levin, Deborah J. Clegg

6. Current Views of the Fat Cell as an Endocrine Cell: Lipotoxicity
Tamara Tchkonia, Barbara E. Corkey, James L. Kirkland

7. Ectopic Fat and the Metabolic Syndrome
Frederico G. S. Toledo, David E. Kelley

8. Abdominal Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
Jean-Pierre Després, Isabelle Lemieux, Natalie Alméras

9. The Problems of Childhood Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
Sonia Caprio, Ram Weiss

10. Evaluation of the Overweight and Obese Patient
George A. Bray, Donna H. Ryan

11. Dietary Approaches to Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
Angela P. Makris, Gary D. Foster

12. Exercise as an Approach to Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome
John M. Jakicic, Amy D. Otto

13. Behavioral Strategies for Controlling Obesity
Donald A. Williamson, Corby K. Martin, Tiffany M. Stewart

14. Obesity Prevention
Shiriki K. Kumanyika, Stephen R. Daniels

15. Orlistat and Sibutramine in the Management of Obesity
Holly Wyatt

16. A Status of Drugs on the Horizon for Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome—a Comprehensive Review 2005
Frank Greenway, George Bray

17. Surgical Treatment of the Overweight Patient
George A. Bray


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