Vigoreaux, Jim O.

Nature’s Versatile Engine: Insect Flight Muscle Inside and Out

Vigoreaux, Jim O. - Nature’s Versatile Engine: Insect Flight Muscle Inside and Out, ebook


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Table of contents

Section I.Experimental Insect Flight Systems: Historical Contributions

1. The Contributions of Genetics to the Study of Insect Flight Muscle Function
Richard M. Cripps

2. 3D Structure of Myosin Crossbridges in Insect Flight Muscle
Mary C. Reedy

3. Comparative Physiology of Insect Flight Muscle
Robert K. Josephson

4. Stretch Activation
Jeffrey R. Moore

Section II.Components of the Myofibril

5. Myosin
Becky M. Miller, Sanford I. Bernstein

6. Paramyosin and Miniparamyosin
Margarita Cervera, Juan Jose Arredondo, Raquel Marco Ferreres

7. Novel Myosin Associated Proteins
Byron Barton, Jim O. Vigoreaux

8. Structure of the Insect Thick Filaments
Gernot Beinbrech, Gereon Ader

9. Actin and Arthrin
John C. Sparrow

10. Troponin, Tropomyosin and GST-2
Alberto Ferrús

11. The Thin Filament in Insect Flight Muscle
Kevin R. Leonard, Belinda Bullard

12. The Insect Z-Band
Judith D. Saide

13. Projectin, the Elastic Protein of the C-Filaments
Agnes Ayme-Southgate, Richard Southgate

14. Some Functions of Proteins from the Drosophila sallimus (sls) Gene
Belinda Bullard, Mark C. Leake, Kevin Leonard

Section III.Towards a Systems Level Analysis of Muscle

15. Sustained High Power Performance
Vivek Vishnudas, Jim O. Vigoreaux

16. X-Ray Diffraction of Indirect Flight Muscle from Drosophila in Vivo
Thomas C. Irving

17. Functional and Ecological Effects of Isoform Variation in Insect Flight Muscle
James H. Marden

18. Muscle Systems Design and Integration
Fritz-Olaf Lehmann

19. Molecular Assays for Acto-Myosin Interactions
John C. Sparrow, Michael A. Geeves

20. Insect Flight Muscle Chemomechanics
David Maughan, Douglas Swank

21. Mapping Myofibrillar Protein Interactions by Mutational Proteomics
Joshua A. Henkin, Jim O. Vigoreaux


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