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Handbook of Signal Processing in Acoustics

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Table of contents

Part I. Acoustic Signals and Systems

1. Signals and Systems
Joe Hammond, Paul White

2. Acoustic Data Acquisition
David C. Swanson

3. Spectral Analysis and Correlation
Robert B. Randall

4. The FFT and Tone Identification
John C. Burgess

5. Measuring Transfer-Functions and Impulse Responses
Swen Müller

6. Digital Sequences
Ning Xiang

7. Filters
Ole-Herman Bjor

8. Adaptive Processing
Thorkild Find Pedersen

9. Beamforming and Wavenumber Processing
Jørgen Hald

Part II. Auditory System and Hearing

10. Anatomy, Physiology and Function of the Auditory System
Birger Kollmeier

11. Physiological Measures of Auditory Function
Birger Kollmeier, Helmut Riedel, Manfred Mauermann, Stefan Uppenkamp

12. Auditory Processing Models
Torsten Dau

13. Speech Intelligibility
Thomas Brand

14. Signal Processing in Hearing Aids
Volker Hohmann

Part III. Psychoacoustics

15. Methods for Psychoacoustics in Relation to Long-Term Sounds
Seiichiro Namba, Sonoko Kuwano

16. Masking and Critical Bands
Bernhard U. Seeber

17. Aspects of Modeling Pitch Perception
Ernst Terhardt

18. Calculation of Loudness for Normal and Hearing-Impaired Listeners
Josef Chalupper

19. Psychoacoustical Roughness
Peter Daniel

Part IV. Musical Acoustics

20. Automatic Music Transcription
Anssi Klapuri, Tuomas Virtanen

21. Music Structure Analysis from Acoustic Signals
Roger B. Dannenberg, Masataka Goto

22. Computer Music Synthesis and Composition
Lydia Ayers

23. Singing Voice Analysis, Synthesis, and Modeling
Youngmoo E. Kim

24. Instrument Modeling and Synthesis
Andrew B. Horner, James W. Beauchamp

25. Digital Waveguide Architectures for Virtual Musical Instruments
Julius O. Smith

26. Modeling of Musical Instruments
Rolf Bader, Uwe Hansen

Part V. Speech

27. Display and Analysis of~Speech
Ben Milner

28. Estimation of Speech Intelligibility and Quality
Stephen Voran

29. Gaussian Models in Automatic Speech Recognition
Jeff Bilmes

30. Speech Synthesis
Thierry Dutoit, Baris Bozkurt

31. Speech Coders
Roch Lefebvre, Philippe Gournay

Part VI. Audio Engineering

32. Transducer Models
Juha Reinhold Backman

33. Loudspeaker Design and Performance Evaluation
Aki Vihtori Mäkivirta

34. PA Systems for Indoor and Outdoor
Jan Felix Krebber

35. Beamforming for Speech and Audio Signals
Walter Kellermann

36. Digital Audio Recording Formats and Editing Principles
Francis Rumsey

37. Audiovisual Interaction
Riikka Möttönen, Mikko Sams

38. Multichannel Sound Reproduction
Ville Pulkki

39. Virtual Acoustics
Tapio Lokki, Lauri Savioja

40. Audio Restoration
Paulo A.A. Esquef

41. Audio Effects Generation
Udo Zölzer

42. Perceptually Based Audio Coding
Adrianus J.M. Houtsma

Part VII. Telecommunications

43. Speech Communication and Telephone Networks
H.W. Gierlich

44. Methods of Determining the Communicational Quality of Speech Transmission Systems
H.W. Gierlich

45. Efficient Speech Coding and Transmission Over Noisy Channels
Ulrich Heute, Norbert Goertz

46. Echo Cancellation
Walter Kellermann

47. Noise Reduction and Interference Cancellation
Walter Kellermann

48. Terminals and Their Influence on Communication Quality
Walter Kellermann

49. Networks and Their Influence on Communication Quality
H.W. Gierlich

50. Interaction of Terminals, Networks and Network Configurations
H.W. Gierlich

Part VIII. Noise

51. Sound Levels of Noise Sources
Hideki Tachibana

52. Outdoor Measurements
Hideki Tachibana, Kohei Yamamoto, Yasushi Miki, Yasushi Takano, Ichiro Yamada

53. Measurements of Physical Characteristics Using Sound at Audible or Lower Frequencies
Ippei Torigoe

54. Community Response to Noise
Sandy Fidell

Part IX. Active Noise Control

55. Forward Control in Single-Channel Systems
Stephen J. Elliott

56. Forward Control in Multichannel Systems
Stephen J. Elliott

57. Feedback Control Systems
Stephen J. Elliott

Part X. Structural Acoustics and Vibration

58. Intensity Techniques
Finn Jacobsen

59. Nearfield Acoustical Holography
Sabih I. Hayek

60. Actuator Design and Deployment
Colin H. Hansen

61. Materials Testing
Walter Lauriks, Philippe Leclaire

Part XI. Bioresponse to Vibration

62. Tactile Responses to Vibration
Ronald T. Verrillo, Stanley J. Bolanowski

63. Uses and Applications of Somatosensation
Ronald T. Verrillo

64. Sensory Substitution
Ronald T. Verrillo

Part XII. Transducers for Acoustic Measurement

65. Condenser Microphones
Erling Frederiksen

66. Dynamic Pressure Microphones
E. Werner

67. Dynamic Pressure Difference Microphones
E. Werner

68. The Microflown Particle Velocity Sensor
Finn Jacobsen, Hans-Elias Bree

69. Microphone Calibration
Erling Frederiksen

70. Piezoceramic Accelerometer
James Mathews

71. Laser Doppler Velocimeter
Nobutoshi Yoshida

72. Capacitive Sensors
Masahiko Sakai

Part XIII. Engineering Acoustics

73. Energy Saving Transducers and Thermoacoustics
Yoshio Yamasaki

74. Sinusoidal Representation of Acoustic Signals
Masaaki Honda

75. Room Transfer Function
Mikio Tohyama

76. Spatial Information of Sound Fields
Yasuhiro Oikawa

Part XIV. Infrasonics

77. Infrasound Event Detection Using the Progressive Multi-Channel Correlation Algorithm
Yves Cansi, Alexis Le Pichon

78. Ray Tracing in an Inhomogeneous Atmosphere with Winds
David J. Brown, Milton A. Garcés

79. Infrasonic Data Processing at the Provisional Technical Secretariat of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Organization
Nicolas Brachet, Petr Firbas, Thomas Hoffmann, Paola Campus, Stefka Stefanova

80. The Design and Performance of Infrasound Noise-Reducing Pipe Arrays
Benoit Alcoverro

81. Processing Infrasonic Array Data
John V. Olson, Curt A.L. Szuberla

82. Infrasound Propagation
Rodney W. Whitaker, David E. Norris

Part XV. Seismology

83. Structure and Elastic Properties of the Earth
Rebecca Saltzer

84. Seismic Wave Propagation
Xianyun Wu, Ru-Shan Wu

85. Seismic Data Acquisition
Christine E. Krohn

86. Signal Models in Seismic Processing
A.J. Berkhout

87. Deconvolution and Optimal Filtering in Seismology
Ramesh Neelamani

88. Seismic Migration Imaging
Michael Fehler

89. Geophysical Parameter Estimation
Max Deffenbaugh

90. Earthquake Localization
Michael Fehler

91. Seismic Tomography
Robert L. Nowack, Cuiping Li

92. Array Signal Processing
Christine Thomas

Part XVI. Underwater and Oceanographic Acoustics

93. Propagation and Signal Modeling
Finn B. Jensen

94. Statistical Signal Processing
Edmund J. Sullivan

95. Inverse Problems in Underwater Acoustics
N. Ross Chapman

96. Active Sonar
Edmund J. Sullivan

97. Passive Sonar
Brian H. Maranda

98. Transducers for Sonar Systems
Kim Benjamin

99. Flow Noise
Gerald C. Lauchle

Part XVII. Animal Bioacoustics

100. Bat Bioacoustics
Walter Metzner

101. Fish Bioacoustics
Richard R. Fay

102. Amphibian Bioacoustics
Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard

103. Avian Bioacoustics
Kazuo Okanoya

104. Cetacean Bioacoustics with Emphasis on Recording and Monitoring
Tomonari Akamatsu

Keywords: Physics, Acoustics, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Animal Physiology, Measurement Science, Instrumentation

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