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Emotion Regulation

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Table of contents

Part I.Conceptual and Neurobiological Issues

1. Introduction: Emotions, Emotion Regulation, and Health
Johan Denollet, Ivan Nyklìcek, Ad J.J.M. Vingerhoets

2. Coping Styles and Aggression: A Biobehavioral Approach
Jaap M. Koolhaas, Sietse F. de Boer

3. New Avenues in Alexithymia Research: The Creation of Alexithymia Types
Peter Paul Moormann, Bob Bermond, Harry C.M. Vorst, Anthony F.T. Bloemendaal, Stefan M. Teijn, Lea Rood

4. Alexithymia and Physical Health Problems: A Critique of Potential Pathways and a Research Agenda
Mark A. Lumley, Jonathan Beyer, Alison Radcliffe

5. Current Issues in Repressive Coping and Health
Lynn B. Myers, John W. Burns, Naz Derakshan, Erin Elfant, Michael W. Eysenck, Sean Phipps

6. Why Crying Improves Our Well-being: An Attachment-TheoryPerspective on the Functions of Adult Crying
Michelle C.P. Hendriks, Judith K. Nelson, Randolph R. Cornelius, Ad J.J.M. Vingerhoets

7. Emotional Intelligence: Relationships to Stress, Health, andWell-being
Guus L. Heck, Brenda L. den Oudsten

Part II.Clinical Perspectives and Interventions

8. Emotion Expression in Depression: Emerging Evidence forEmotion Context-Insensitivity
Jonathan Rottenberg, Christine Vaughan

9. Emotion Regulation and the Anxiety Disorders: Adopting aSelf-Regulation Perspective
Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Richard G. Heimberg

10. The Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Trauma-Related Self and Affect Dysregulation
Annemiek van Dijke

11. Emotional Inhibition, Health, Gender, and Eating Disorders: The Role of (Over) Sensitivity to Others
Marrie H.J. Bekker, Sonja T.P. Spoor

12. Emotional Competence and Health in Children
Carolien Rieffe, Mark Meerum Terwogt, Francine C. Jellesma

13. Crying in Psychotherapy: Its Meaning, Assessment, and Management Basedon Attachment Theory
Judith K. Nelson

14. Expressive Writing in the Clinical Context
Joshua M. Smyth, Deborah Nazarian, Danielle Arigo

15. Writing for All, for Some, or for No One? Some Thoughts on the Applications and Evaluations of the Writing Technique
Luigi Solano, Maria Bonadies, Michela Di Trani


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