Vacca, John R.

Practical Internet Security

Vacca, John R. - Practical Internet Security, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I.Introduction to Internet Security

1. Internet Technologies
2. Basic Security Issues
Part II.Establishing Your Organization’s Security

3. Real Threats That Impact Security
4. A Security Policy: The Foundation of Your Protection
Part III.Developing Your Security Policy

5. Steps to Take Now
6. Responding to Attacks
Part IV.Securing the Web Client

7. Threats and Vulnerabilities
8. Protecting Your Web Browser
Part V.Network Interconnections: A Majorpoint of Vulnerability

9. Basic Operating System and TCP/IP Concepts
10. Early System Security Improvements
Part VI.Deterring Masqueraders and Ensuring Authenticity

11. Impersonating Users
12. How Masqueraders Infiltrate a System
13. Holding Your Defensive Line
Part VII.Preventing Eavesdropping to Protect Your Privacy

14. Unauthorized Listening and Looking
15. Countering or not Countering the Eavesdropper: That’s the Question?
Part VIII.Thwarting Counterfeiters and Forgery to Retain Integrity

16. The Forger’s Arsenal
17. Shielding your Assets
Part IX.Avoiding Disruption of Service to Maintain Availability

18. Denial-of-Service Attacks
19. Constructing Your Bastions
20. The Importance of Firewalls
Part X.Configuring Operating System and Network Security

21. Operating Systems that Pose Security Risks
22. Network Security
Part XI.Enhancing Web Server Security

23. Controlling Access
24. Extended Web Site Security Functionality
25. Securing Web Communications with SSL VPNS
Part XII.Issuing and Managing Certificates

26. Why Digital Certificates are Used
27. Certificate Authorities
28. Trusting SSL CAs in Servers and Browsers
Part XIII.Firewalls and Firewall Topologies

29. Protecting Servers and Clients with Firewalls
30. Choosing the Right Firewall
31. Firewall Topologies
32. Selecting Firewall Security Topology Policy
Part XIV.Security Management Solutions and Future Directions

33. Identifying and Responding to Security Violations
34. Real-Time Monitoring and Auditing
35. Limiting Damage
36. Keeping Up to Date on New Threats
37. Emerging Technologies
38. Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations


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