Hager, William W.

Multiscale Optimization Methods and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Multiscale Optimization in VLSI Physical Design Automation
Tony F. Chan, Jason Cong, Joseph R. Shinnerl, Kenton Sze, Min Xie, Yan Zhang

2. A Distributed Method for Solving Semidefinite Programs Arising from Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Network Localization
Pratik Biswas, Yinyu Ye

3. Optimization Algorithms for Sparse Representations and Applications
Pando G. Georgiev, Fabian Theis, Andrzej Cichocki

4. A Unified Framework for Modeling and Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems: A Tutorial
Gary A. Kochenberger, Fred Glover

5. Global Convergence of a Non-monotone Trust-Region Filter Algorithm for Nonlinear Programming
Nicholas I. M. Gould, Philippe L. Toint

6. Factors Affecting the Performance of Optimization-based Multigrid Methods
Robert Michael Lewis, Stephen G. Nash

7. A Local Relaxation Method for Nonlinear Facility Location Problems
Walter Murray, Uday V. Shanbhag

8. Fluence Map Optimization in IMRT Cancer Treatment Planning and A Geometric Approach
Yin Zhang, Michael Merritt

9. Panoramic Image Processing using Non-Commutative Harmonic Analysis Part I: Investigation
Amal Aafif, Robert Boyer

10. Generating Geometric Models through Self-Organizing Maps
Jung-ha An, Yunmei Chen, Myron N. Chang, David Wilson, Edward Geiser

11. Self-similar Solution of Unsteady Mixed Convection Flow on a Rotating Cone in a Rotating Fluid
Devarapu Anilkumar, Satyajit Roy

12. Homogenization of a Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problem Modelling Galvanic Interactions on a Heterogeneous Surface
Y.S. Bhat

13. A Simple Mathematical Approach for Determining Intersection of Quadratic Surfaces
Ken Chan

14. Applications of Shape-Distance Metric to Clustering Shape-Databases
Shantanu H. Joshi, Anuj Srivastava

15. Accurately Computing the Shape of Sandpiles
Christopher M. Kuster, Pierre A. Gremaud

16. Shape Optimization of Transfer Functions
Jiawang Nie, James W. Demmel

17. Achieving Wide Field of View Using Double-Mirror Catadioptric Sensors
Ronald Perline, Emek Köse

18. Darcy Flow, Multigrid, and Upscaling
James M. Rath

19. Iterated Adaptive Regularization for the Operator Equations of the First Kind
Yanfei Wang, Qinghua Ma

20. Recover Multi-tensor Structure from HARD MRI Under Bi-Gaussian Assumption
Qingguo Zeng, Yunmei Chen, Weihong Guo, Yijun Liu

21. PACBB: A Projected Adaptive Cyclic Barzilai-Borwein Method for Box Constrained Optimization
Hongchao Zhang, William W. Hager

22. Nonrigid Correspondence and Classification of Curves Based on More Desirable Properties
Xiqiang Zheng, Yunmei Chen, David Groisser, David Wilson


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Natural Sciences

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