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Nonsmooth Mechanics and Analysis

Nonsmooth Mechanics and Analysis


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Table of contents

I.Convex and Nonsmooth Analysis

1. Moreau’s Proximal Mappings and Convexity in Hamilton-Jacobi Theory
R. Tyrrell Rockafellar

2. Three Optimization Problems in Mass Transportation Theory
Giuseppe Buttazzo

3. Some Geometrical and Algebraic Properties of Various Types of Convex Hulls
Bernard Dacorogna

4. A Note on the Legendre-Fenchel Transform of Convex Composite Functions
Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty

5. What Is to be a Mean?
Michel Valadier

II.Nonsmooth Mechanics

6. Thermoelastic Contact with Frictional Heating
L. -E. Andersson, A. Klarbring, J. R. Barber, M. Ciavarella

7. A Condition for Statical Admissibility in Unilateral Structural Analysis
Gianpietro Piero

8. Min-Max Duality and Shakedown Theorems in Plasticity
Quoc-Son Nguyen

9. Friction and Adhesion
Michel Raous

10. The Clausius-Duhem Inequality, an Interesting and Productive Inequality
Michel Frémond

11. Unilateral Crack Identification
Georgios E. Stavroulakis, Marek Engelhardt, Heinz Antes

12. Penalty Approximation of Painlevé Problem
Michelle Schatzman

13. Discrete Contact Problems with Friction: A Stress-Based Approach
Franco Maceri, Paolo Bisegna

III.Fluid Mechanics

14. A Brief History of Drop Formation
Jens Eggers

15. Semiclassical Approach of the “Tetrad Model” of Turbulence
Aurore Naso, Alain Pumir

IV.Multibody Dynamics: Numerical Aspects

16. The Geometry Of Newton’s Cradle
Christoph Glocker, Ueli Aeberhard

17. Using Nonsmooth Analysis for Numerical Simulation of Contact Mechanics
Pierre Alart, David Dureisseix, Mathieu Renouf

18. Numerical Simulation of a Multibody Gas
Michel Jean

19. Granular Media and Ballasted Railway Tracks Milieux Granulaires Et Voies Ballastées
Catherine Cholet, Gilles Saussine, Pierre-Etienne Gautier, Louis-Marie Cléon

20. Scaling Behaviour of Velocity Fluctuations in Slow Granular Flows
Farhang Radjaï, Stéphane Roux

V.Topics in Nonsmooth Science

21. Morphological Equations and Sweeping Processes
Jean-Pierre Aubin, José Alberto Murillo Hernández

22. Higher Order Moreau’s Sweeping Process
Vincent Acary, Bernard Brogliato

23. An Existence Result in Non-Smooth Dynamics
Manuel D. P. Monteiro Marques, Laetitia Paoli

24. Finite Time Stabilization of Nonlinear Oscillators Subject to dry Friction
Samir Adly, Hedy Attouch, Alexandre Cabot

25. Canonical Duality in Nonsmooth, Constrained Concave Minimization
David Y. Gao


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