Isbell, William H.

Andean Archaeology III

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Table of contents

PART I.Introduction

1. Regional Patterns
William H. Isbell, Helaine Silverman

PART II.The North

2. Introduction
William H. Isbell, Helaine Silverman

3. America’s First City? The Case of Late Archaic Caral
Ruth Shady Solis

4. Religious Warfare at Chankillo
Ivan Ghezzi

5. The Vicús-Mochica Relationship
Peter Kaulicke

6. Competitive Feasting, Religious Pluralism and Decentralized Power in the Late Moche Period
Edward R. Swenson

7. Northern Exposures: Recuay-Cajamarca Boundaries and Interaction
George F. Lau

8. Chimu Craft Specialization and Political Economy: A View from the Provinces
Hartmut Tschauner

PART III.The South

9. Introduction
William H. Isbell, Helaine Silverman

10. Early Village Society in the Formative Period in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin
Matthew S. Bandy

11. The Emergence of Complex Society in the Titicaca Basin: The View from the North
Aimée M. Plourde, Charles Stanish

12. Redefining Plant Use at the Formative Site of Chiripa in the Southern Titicaca Basin
William T. Whitehead

13. Ritual and Society in Early Intermediate Period Ayacucho: A View From the Site of Ñawinpukyo
Juan B. Leoni

14. Missing Links, Imaginary Links: Staff God Imagery in the South Andean Past
William H. Isbell, Patricia J. Knobloch

15. Water, Blood and Semen: Signs of Life and Fertility in Nasca Art
Suzette J. Doyon

16. Burial Patterns and Sociopolitical Organization in Nasca 5 Society
Johny Isla, Markus Reindel

17. When and Where Did the Nasca Proliferous Style Emerge?
Joerg Haeberli

18. Violence and Rural Lifeways at Two Peripheral Wari Sites in the Majes Valley of Southern Peru
Tiffiny A. Tung, Bruce Owen

19. Suspension Bridges of the Inca Empire
Brian S. Bauer

PART IV.Conclusion

20. Rethinking the Central Andean Co-Tradition
William H. Isbell, Helaine Silverman


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