Gatchel, Robert J.

Handbook of Complex Occupational Disability Claims

Gatchel, Robert J. - Handbook of Complex Occupational Disability Claims, ebook


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Table of contents

I.Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Prediction of Disability
1. Do We Have a Disability Epidemic?
2. Impairment and Occupational Disability in Research and Practice
3. Models of Diagnosis and Rehabilitation in Musculoskeletal Pain-Related Occupational Disability
4. Readiness for Return to Work Following Injury or Illness
5. Prediction of Occupational Disability
6. Musculoskeletal Injury
7. 7
8. Tailoring Psychosocial Treatment for Patients with Occupational Disability
II.Prediction of Disability in Pain-Related and Psychological Conditions
9. Determinants of Occupational Disability Following a Low Back Injury
10. Biopsychosocial Multivariate Predictive Model of Occupational Low Back Disability
11. Whiplash and Neck Pain-Related Disability
12. Disability in Fibromyalgia
13. Musculoskeletal Disorders,Disability, and Return-to-Work (Repetitive Strain)
14. Predicting Disability from Headache
15. Prediction of Disability after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
16. Prediction of Vocational Functioning from Neuropsychological Data
17. The Role of Individual Factors in Predicting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
18. Posttraumatic Stress Disability after Motor Vehicle Accidents
19. Disability Following Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
20. The Prediction of Occupational Disability Related to Depressive and Anxiety Disorders
III.Application of Disability Prediction in Compensation, Health Care, and Occupational Contexts
21. Secondary Prevention in Health-Care and Occupational Settings in Musculoskeletal Conditions Focusing on Low Back Pain
22. Biopsychosocial Factors in Complex Claims for Disability Compensation
23. Secondary Gains and Losses in the Medicolegal Setting
24. Evidence-Informed Best Practices for Injured Workers at Risk for Disability at the Subacute Stage
IV.Early Intervention with At-Risk Groups
25. Early Interventions for “At Risk” Patients with Spinal Pain
26. Working with the Employer The Sherbrooke Model
27. An Early Screening and Intervention Model for Acute and Subacute Low Back Pain
28. The CtdMAP™ Intervention Program© for Musculoskeletal Disorders
V.Where are We Now and Where are We Headed?
29. Research and Practice Directions in Risk for Disability Prediction and Early Intervention


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