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Advanced Dairy Chemistry Volume 2 Lipids

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Table of contents

1. Composition and Structure of Bovine Milk Lipids
A. K. H. MacGibbon, M. W. Taylor

2. Milk Fat: Origin of Fatty Acids and Influence of Nutritional Factors Thereon
D. L. Palmquist

3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Biosynthesis and Nutritional Significance
D. E. Bauman, A. L. Lock

4. Intracellular Origin of Milk Fat Globules and the Nature of the Milk Fat Globule Membrane
T. W. Keenan, I. H. Mather

5. Physical Chemistry of Milk Fat Globules
T. Huppertz, A. L. Kelly

6. Composition, Applications, Fractionation, Technological and Nutritional Significance of Milk Fat Globule Membrane Material
R. E. Ward, J. B. German, M. Corredig

7. Crystallization and Rheological Properties of Milk Fat
A. J. Wright, A. G. Marangoni

8. Milk Fat: Physical, Chemical and Enzymatic Modification
M. A. Augustin, C. Versteeg

9. Chemistry and Technology of Butter and Milk Fat Spreads
M. K. Keogh

10. Significance of Milk Fat in Cream Products
W. Hoffmann, W. Buchheim

11. Significance of Milk Fat in Cheese
T. P. Guinee, P. L. H. McSweeney

12. Ice Cream
H. D. Goff

13. Significance of Milk Fat in Milk Powder
N. Y. Farkye

14. Significance of Milk Fat in Infant Formulae
G. Hendricks, M. Guo

15. Lipolytic Enzymes and Hydrolytic Rancidity
H. C. Deeth, C. H. Fitz-Gerald

16. Lipid Oxidation
T. P. O’Connor, N. M. O’Brien

17. Nutritional Significance of Milk Lipids
P. W. Parodi

18. Oxysterols: Formation and Biological Function
P. A. Morrissey, M. Kiely

19. High Performance Liquid Chromatographic and Gas Chromatographic Methods for Lipid Analysis
K. N. Kilcawley

20. Spectroscopic Techniques (NMR, Infrared and Fluorescence) for the Determination of Lipid Composition and Structure in Dairy Products
É. Dufour

21. Applications of Ultrasound to Analysis/Quantitation of Dairy Lipids
M. J. W. Povey, R. E. Challis

22. Physical Characterization of Milk Fat and Milk Fat-Based Products
O. J. McCarthy


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