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Information Systems Development

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Table of contents

1. System Co-Development Through Requirements Specification
Pericles Loucopoulos

2. Information Systems as a Design Science
Juhani Iivari

3. Information Systems Development (ISD): Past, Present, Future Trends
Anders G. Nilsson

4. Cars of the Future: Computers at the Wheel
Michel Parent

5. Integrating Enterprise and is Development Using a Model Driven Approach
John Krogstie

6. Issues in Information Systems Education: Capitalizing on Recent Advances in Learning Theory
Geoffrey Black, Wita Wojtkowski, W. Gregory Wojtkowski, Cristianne Lane

7. XML in the World of (Object-)Relational Database Systems
Irena Mlynkova, Jaroslav Pokorny

8. Towards a Privacy Framework for Information Systems Development
Peter J. Carew, Larry Stapleton

9. Is Development as the Mutual Adaptation of Technology and Business Process
Bendik Bygstad

10. Rethinking ISD Methods: Fitting Project Teammembers Profiles
Isabelle Mirbel

11. Pre-Requisites for Successful Adoption of the ASP Model by User Organization
George Feuerlicht, Jiri Vorisek

12. ISD as Knowledge Work — An Analysis of How a Development Method is Used in Practice
Per Backlund

13. Customizing Traceability in a Software Development Process
Patricio Letelier, Elena Navarro, Víctor Anaya

14. Agent-Oriented Information Systems Development Using Open and the Agent Factory
B. Henderson-Sellers, Q.-N. N. Tran, J. Debenham, C. Gonzalez-Perez

15. Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Information Systems Developers — Perspectives from Finland, Nigeria and Estonia: A Preliminary Study
Princely Ifinedo

16. A Combined Neural Network and Decision Tree Approach for Text Categorization
Nerijus Remeikis, Ignas Skucas, Vida Melninkaite

17. Working with Methods: Observations on the Role of Methods in Systems Development
Päivi Ovaska

18. Jmining — Information Delivery WEB Portal Architecture and Open Source Implementation
Algirdas Laukaitis, Olegas Vasilecas, Raimondas Berniunas

19. Conceptual Framework for Integration of Multiagent and Knowledge Management Techniques in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Janis Grundspenkis

20. Combining Simulation Models with the Information System for an Operative Control of the Oil Terminal
Henrikas Pranevicius, Vytautas Pilkauskas

21. Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design Using Activity Based Costing
Arjan Visser, Kees Slooten

22. On Coding and Codebooks in Multimedia Information Systems
Moshe Porat

23. Linking and Propagating Business Rule Changes to Is Design
Wan M. N. Wan Kadir, Pericles Loucopoulos

24. Using Enterprise Modeling for Identification and Resolution of Homonym Conflicts in View Integration
Peter Bellström

25. A Critical Review of Challenges in Hypermedia Systems Development
Michael Lang

26. Transformations of UML Diagrams for Reconciliation of Requirements
Lina Ceponiene, Lina Nemuraite

27. From Use Cases to Well Structured Conceptual Schemas
Lina Nemuraite, Bronius Paradauskas

28. A Model of Information Systems Development for Learning Virtual Organizations
Mart Roost, Rein Kuusik, Karin Rava, Tarmo Veskioja

29. Survey of Requirements Engineering Practice in Lithuanian Software Development Companies
Raimundas Matulevicius

30. Functionality of Information Systems Specification Language: Concept, Evaluation Methodology, and Evaluation Problems
Albertas Caplinskas, Jelena Gasperovic

31. Temporal Semantic Abstraction Based on Layered Multimedia Data Model
Yan Jian-feng, Li Zhan-huai, Guo Chen-juan

32. New Methods for Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Dublin Core Metadata Standard Using Complex Encoding Schemes
István Szakadát, László Lois, Gábor Knapp

33. From Analog Information to Digital Databases — Does it Keep Everything Intact?
Hagai Kirshner, Moshe Porat

34. Model and Knowledge Management in Distributed Development: Agreement Based Approach
Darijus Strašunskas, Yun Lin

35. Renaissance of Business Process Modelling
Marite Kirikova, Janis Makna

36. Does the Perceived Quality of an Electronic Grocery Store Explain the Buying Behavior of Its Customers?
Osmo Kurkela, Juhani Iivari

37. Ontology-Based Decision Support System for Crime Investigation Processes
Dale Dzemydiene, Egle Kazemikaitiene

38. Variation in Students’ Conceptions of Object-Oriented Information System Development
Ilona Box, Raymond Lister

39. End-User Computing in Banking Industry
Janko Hriberšek, Borut Werber, Joze Zupancic

40. Working with Alternative Development Life Cycles: A Multiproject Experiment
Darren Dalcher, Oddur Benediktsson, Helgi Thorbergsson

41. A Model for a Method Adaptation Process
Mehmet N. Aydin, Frank Harmsen, Kees Slooten, Robert A. Stegwee

42. On the Use of Information Systems Research Methods in Datamining
Mykola Pechenizkiy, Seppo Puuronen, Alexey Tsymbal

43. Filling the Knowledge Management Sandwich: An Exploratory Study of a Complexwork Environment
Henry Linger, Jeremy Aarons

44. Determining an Appropriate Approach to the Implementation of a WfMS
Mehmet N. Aydin

45. Addressing Tacit Knowledge in ISD Methodologies
Fiona M. Murphy, Larry Stapleton


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