Beloussov, L. V.

Biophotonics and Coherent Systems in Biology

Beloussov, L. V. - Biophotonics and Coherent Systems in Biology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. From Mitogenetic Rays to Biophotons
L. V. Beloussov, V. L. Voeikov

2. Photon Sucking as an Essential Principle of Biological Regulation
F.-A. Popp, W. Klimek

3. Quantum Squeezed State Description of Spectral Decompositions of a Biophoton Signal and the Possibility of Remote Intervention
R. P. Bajpai

4. Biological Structure as a Converter of Coherent Radiation
A. H. Budagovsky, O. H. Budagovskaya, I. H. Budagovsky

5. The Oscillation Behavior of the Delayed Luminescence of Plant Leaves
Yu Yan, F.-A. Popp, S. Sigrist, D. Schlesinger, A. Dolf, Zhongchen Yan, S. Cohen, A. Chotia, D. Busch

6. Human Genome Realization at the Viewpoint of Physics of the Alive
S. P. Sit'ko

7. Fundamental Role of Water in Bioenergetics
V. L. Voeikov

8. The Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Balance in Water Solutions of Proteins as the Possible Target For Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields
V. S. Martynyuk, Yuri V. Tseyslyer

9. Features of Reactions of Biological and Physico-Chemical Systems to External Factors
I. A. Stepanyuk

10. News and Views in Uva-Laser–Induced Ultraweak Delayed Luminescence of Cultured Mammalian Cells
H. J. Niggli, S. Tudisco, G. Privitera, L. A. Applegate, A. Scordino, F. Musumeci

11. Ultraweak Photon Emission as a Tool For Analysing Collective Processes in Cells and Developing Embryos
L. V. Beloussov

12. Distant Interaction During Germination of Bacillus Subtilis Spores
Y. A. Nikolaev, G. I. El'Registan, S. B. Desu

13. Influence of Radiofrequency Emf on the Yeast Sacharomyces Cerevisiae as Model Eukaryotic System
E. N. Gromozova, S. I. Voychuk

14. Spatial Characterization of Human Ultra-Weak Photon Emission
R. Wijk, M. Kobayashi, E. P. A. Wijk

15. Influence of Electromagnetic Fields of Extremely Different Frequency Diapason on Infradian Rhythms of Physiological Processes
N. A. Temuryants, V. S. Martynyuk, E. N. Chuan

16. Absorption and Emission of Photons by Collagen Samples
T. G. Troshina, N. N. Loochinskaia, R. Wijk, E. Wijk, L. V. Beloussov

17. Interaction of Plant Shoots and Roots: Dynamics and Stability
N. V. Budagovskaya

18. Correlation of the “Near-Zone Effect“ Amplitude Dynamics with Solar-Geophysical Indices
T. A. Zenchenko, A. A. Konradov, K. I. Zenchenko

19. Free Will and Violation of Physical Laws
M. Lipkind

20. Vernadsky'S Noosphere and Slavophile Sobornost'
M. Bischof

21. A Life that Linked Mitogenetic Rays and Biophotons
L. V. Beloussov, M. Lipkind, F.-A. Popp, V. L. Voeikov


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Natural Sciences

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