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Advances in Food Mycology

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Table of contents

Section 1..Understanding the fungi producing important mycotoxins

1. Important Mycotoxins and the Fungi Which Produce Them
Jens C. Frisvad, Ulf Thrane, Robert A. Samson, John I. Pitt

2. Recommendations Concerning the Chronic Problem of Misidentification of Mycotoxigenic Fungi Associated with Foods and Feeds
Jens C. Frisvad, Kristian F. Nielsen, Robert A. Samson

Section 2..Media and method development in food mycology

3. Comparison of Hyphal Length, Ergosterol, Mycelium Dry Weight, and Colony Diameter for Quantifying Growth of Fungi from Foods
M. H. Taniwaki, J. I. Pitt, A. D. Hocking, G. H. Fleet

4. Evaluation of Molecular Methods for the Analysis of Yeasts in Foods and Beverages
Ai Lin Beh, Graham H. Fleet, C. Prakitchaiwattana, Gillian M. Heard

5. Standardization of Methods for Detecting Heat Resistant Fungi
Jos Houbraken, Robert A. Samson

Section 3..Physiology and ecology of mycotoxigenic fungi

6. Ecophysiology of Fumonisin Producers in Fusarium Section Liseola
Vicente Sanchis, Sonia Marín, Naresh Magan, Antonio J. Ramos

7. Ecophysiology of Fusarium Culmorum and Mycotoxin Production
Naresh Magan, Russell Hope, David Aldred

8. Food-Borne Fungi in Fruit and Cereals and Their Production of Mycotoxins
Birgitte Andersen, Ulf Thrane

9. Black Aspergillus Species in Australian Vineyards: From Soil to Ochratoxin a in Wine
Su-lin L. Leong, Ailsa D. Hocking, John I. Pitt, Benozir A. Kazi, Robert W. Emmett, Eileen S. Scott

10. Ochratoxin a Producing Fungi from Spanish Vineyards
Marta Bau, M. Rosa Bragulat, M. Lourdes Abarca, Santiago Minguez, F. Javier Cabañes

11. Fungi Producing Ochratoxin in Dried Fruits
Beatriz T. Iamanaka, Marta H. Taniwaki, E. Vicente, Hilary C. Menezes

12. An Update on Ochratoxigenic Fungi and Ochratoxin a in Coffee
Marta H. Taniwaki

13. Mycobiota, Mycotoxigenic Fungi, and Citrinin Production in Black Olives
Dilek Heperkan, Burcak E. Meric, Gülcin Sismanoglu, Gözde Dalkiliç, Funda K. Güler

14. Byssochlamys: Significance of Heat Resistance and Mycotoxin Production
Jos Houbraken, Robert A. Samson, Jens C. Frisvad

15. Effect of Water Activity and Temperature on Production of Aflatoxin and Cyclopiazonic Acid by Aspergillus Flavus in Peanuts
Graciela Vaamonde, Andrea Patriarca, Virginia E. Fernández Pinto

Section 4..Control of fungi and mycotoxins in foods

16. Inactivation of Fruit Spoilage Yeasts and Moulds Using High Pressure Processing
Ailsa D. Hocking, Mariam Begum, Cindy M. Stewart

17. Activation of Ascospores by Novel Food Preservation Techniques
Jan Dijksterhuis, Robert A. Samson

18. Mixtures of Natural and Synthetic Antifungal Agents
Aurelio López-Malo, Enrique Palou, Reyna León-Cruz, Stella M. Alzamora

19. Probabilistic Modelling of Aspergillus Growth
Enrique Palou, Aurelio López-Malo

20. Antifungal Activity of Sourdough Bread Cultures
Lloyd B. Bullerman, Marketa Giesova, Yousef Hassan, Dwayne Deibert, Dojin Ryu

21. Prevention of Ochratoxin a in Cereals in Europe
Monica Olsen, Nils Jonsson, Naresh Magan, John Banks, Corrado Fanelli, Aldo Rizzo, Auli Haikara, Alan Dobson, Jens Frisvad, Stephen Holmes, Juhani Olkku, Sven-Johan Persson, Thomas Börjesson

22. Recommended Methods for Food Mycology


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