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Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water

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Table of contents

Part 1:. Environmental Fate

1. Slow Desorption of Phenanthrene from Silica Particles: Influence of Pore Size, Pore Water, and Aging Time
Michael H. Huesemann, Timothy J. Fortman, Robert G. Riley, Christopher J. Thompson, Zheming Wang, Michael J. Truex, Brent Peyton

Part II:. Heavy Metals

2. Understanding the Causes of and the Permanent Solutions for Groundwater Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh
Meer T. Husain, Thomas E. Bridge

3. Evaluation of Heavy Metal Availability in the Mining Areas of Bulgaria
Penka S. Zaprjanova, Violina R. Angelova, Krasimir I. Ivanov

4. Average Particle Size Ratios and Chemical Speciation of Copper and Zinc in Road-Dust Samples
Adnan M. Massadeh, Qasem M. Jaradat

Part III:. Modeling

5. Contaminant Fate and Transport in the Courtroom
Charles M. Denton, Michael G. Sklash

6. A New Method of Delineating Three-Dimensional Capture Zones with Models
John P. Glass, Scott DeHainaut, Rose Forbes

7. Comparing Air Measurements and Air Modeling at a Residential Site Overlying a TCE Groundwater Plume
Dennis Goldman, Ron Marnicio, Wilson Doctor, Larry Dudus’

8. Development and Application of a Multimedia Model to Assess Fate and Transport of Organic Chemicals in a South Texas Lake
Venkatesh Uddameri, Dhanuja Kumar

Part IV:. MtBE and Oxygenates

9. The MtBE Removal Effectiveness of Air Sparging, Tested on an Intermediate Scale Laboratory Apparatus
Claudio Alimonti, Daniele Lausdei

10. Maine’s Experiment with Gasoline Policy to Manage Mtbe in Groundwater
John M. Peckenham, Jonathan Rubin, Cecilia Clavet

Part V:. Radionuclides

11. Development of Radon Enrichment in Soil Gas over Quartz-Mica Schist in Virginia
Douglas Mose, George Mushrush, Charles Chrosniak, Paul DiBenedetto

12. Influence of Home Size on the Risk from Soil-Gas and Waterborne Indoor Radon
Douglas Mose, George Mushrush, George Saiway, Fiorella Simoni

Part VI:. Regulatory

13. How Interstate Collaboration Can Improve Site Cleanups: Triad and the ITRC
Ruth R. Chang, Stuart J. Nagourney

Part VII:. Remediation

14. Organoclay/Carbon Systems at Military Installations
George Alther

15. Remediation of Petroleum-Containing Soil and Groundwater at a Former Rail Yard Locomotive Fueling Area
Scott R. Compston, Bruce R. Nelson, Scott A. Underhill, Andrew R. Vitolins, Leann M. H. Thomas

16. Phyto-Extraction of Field-Weathered DDE by Subspecies of Cucurbita and Exudation of Citric Acid from Roots
Martin P.N. Gent, Zakia D. Parrish, Jason C. White

17. Phytoremediation of Lead-Contaminated Soil in the Urban Residential Environment Using Seed Mustard
Ilana S. Goldowitz, Joshua Goldowitz

18. CVOC Source Identification Through in situ Chemical Oxidation in Fractured Bedrock
Mark D. Kauffman, Andrea M. Traviglia, James H. Vernon, John C. LaChance

19. ISCO Technology Overview: Do You Really Understand the Chemistry?
Ian T. Osgerby

20. Brownfield Site Assessment and Remediation
Ronald Richards, Christen Sardano, Lester Tyrala, John Zupkus

21. Treatment of PCP-Contaminated Soil Using an Engineered ex situ Biopile Process on a Former Wood Treatment Superfund Site
Carl Rodzewich, Christian Bélanger, Nicolas Moreau, Michel Pouliot, Nile Fellows

Part VIII:. Risk Assessment and Remedial Approaches Towards Restoration and Management of Contaminated Rivers

22. Exploring Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions to Contaminated Sediments to Achieve Ecological Restoration of the Lower Neponset River
Karen Pelto

23. Restoring an Urban River
Robert Breault, Matthew Cooke

24. A Framework for River Cleanup Decision Making
David F. Ludwig, Stephen P. Truchon, Carl Tammi

25. Neponset River Workshop
Dale W. Evans

26. Options for the Neponset
Danny D. Reible

27. Sorbent-Amended “Active” Sediment Caps for in-Place Management of PCB-Contaminated Sediments
Gregory V. Lowry, P.J. Murphy, A. Marquette, D. Reible

28. River Restoration: A View from Wisconsin
Mark Velleux, Edward Lynch

29. Characterization of Contaminated Sediments for Remediation Projects in Hamilton Harbour
Alex J. Zeman, Timothy S. Patterson

Part IX. Site Assessment

30. Evaluation of Solvent Plume Discharge to a Wetland Stream Using an Innovative Passive Diffusion Sampling Methodology
Lucas A. Hellerich, John L. Albrecht, Richard C. Schwenger

31. A Preliminary Environmental Site Investigation for a Bridge over the Mississippi River at Moline, Illinois
C. Brian Trask

32. Targeted Brownfields Assessment of a Former Power Plant Using the Triad Approach
Barbara A. Weir, James P. Byrne, Robert Howe, Denise M. Savageau, Kathy Yager

33. Case Study of TCE Attenuation from Groundwater to Indoor Air and the Effects of Ventilation on Entry Routes
Alborz Wozniak, Christopher Lawless

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Soil Science & Conservation, Terrestrial Pollution, Microbiology

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