Fischer, Wolfgang B.

Viral Membrane Proteins: Structure, Function, and Drug Design

Fischer, Wolfgang B. - Viral Membrane Proteins: Structure, Function, and Drug Design, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I.Membrane Proteins from Plant Viruses

1. Membrane Proteins in Plant Viruses
Michael J. Adams, John F. Antoniw

2. Structure and Function of a Viral Encoded K+ Channel
Anna Moroni, James Etten, Gerhard Thiel

Part II.Fusion Proteins

3. HIV gp41: A Viral Membrane Fusion Machine
Sergio G. Peisajovich, Yechiel Shai

4. Diversity of Coronavirus Spikes: Relationship to Pathogen Entry and Dissemination
Edward B. Thorp, Thomas M. Gallagher

5. Aspects of the Fusogenic Activity of Influenza Hemagglutinin Peptides by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
L. Vaccaro, K. J. Cross, S. A. Wharton, J. J. Skehel, F. Fraternali

Part III.Viral Ion Channels/viroporins

6. Viral Proteins that Enhance Membrane Permeability
María Eugenia González, Luis Carrasco

7. FTIR Studies of Viral Ion Channels
Itamar Kass, Isaiah T. Arkin

8. The M2 Proteins of Influenza A and B Viruses are Single-Pass Proton Channels
Yajun Tang, Padmavati Venkataraman, Jared Knopman, Robert A. Lamb, Lawrence H. Pinto

9. Influenza A Virus M2 Protein: Proton Selectivity of the Ion Channel, Cytotoxicity, and a Hypothesis on Peripheral Raft Association and Virus Budding
Cornelia Schroeder, Tse-I Lin

10. Computer Simulations of Proton Transport Through the M2 Channel of the Influenza A Virus
Yujie Wu, Gregory A. Voth

11. Structure and Function of Vpu from HIV-1
S. J. Opella, S. H. Park, S. Lee, D. Jones, A. Nevzorov, M. Mesleh, A. Mrse, F. M. Marassi, M. Oblatt-Montal, M. Montal, K. Strebel, S. Bour

12. Structure, Phosphorylation, and Biological Function of the HIV-1 Specific Virus Protein U (Vpu)
Victor Wray, Ulrich Schubert

13. Solid-State NMR Investigations of Vpu Structural Domains in Oriented Phospholipid Bilayers: Interactions and Alignment
Burkhard Bechinger, Peter Henklein

14. Defining Drug Interactions with the Viral Membrane Protein Vpu from HIV-1
V. Lemaitre, C. G. Kim, D. Fischer, Y. H. Lam, A. Watts, W. B. Fischer

15. Virus Ion Channels Formed by Vpu of HIV-1, the 6K Protein of Alphaviruses and NB of Influenza B Virus
Peter W. Gage, Gary Ewart, Julian Melton, Anita Premkumar

16. The Alphavirus 6K Protein
M. A. Sanz, V. Madan, J. L. Nieva, Luis Carrasco

Part IV.Membrane-Spanning/Membrane Associated

17. The Structure, Function, and Inhibition of Influenza Virus Neuraminidase
Elspeth Garman, Graeme Laver

18. Interaction of HIV-1 Nef with Human CD4 and Lck
Dieter Willbold


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