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Medical Emergency Teams

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Table of contents

Section one. Mets and Patient Safety

1. Measuring and Improving Safety
Peter J. Pronovost, Marlene Miller, Brad Winters, Elizabeth A. Hunt

2. The Evolution of the Health Care System
Kenneth Hillman, Jack Chen, Lis Young

3. Process Change in Health Care Institutions: Top-Down or Bottom-Up?
Lakshmipathi Chelluri

4. The Challenge of Predicting In-Hospital Iatrogenic Deaths
Michael Buist, Donald Campbell

5. Overview of Hospital Medicine
David J. McAdams

6. Medical Trainees and Patient Safety
Stephen W. Lam, Arthas Flabouris

7. Matching Levels of Care with Levels of Illness
Gary B. Smith, Juliane Kause

Section Two. Creating a Mets System

8. General Principles of Medical Emergency Teams
Daryl Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo, Donna Goldsmith

9. Potential Sociological and Political Barriers to Medical Emergency Team Implementation
Michael A. DeVita, Kenneth Hillman

10. Overview of Various Medical Emergency Team Models
Michelle Cretikos, Rinaldo Bellomo

11. Early Goal-Directed Therapy
David T. Huang, Scott R. Gunn, Emanuel P. Rivers

12. Nurse-Led Medical Emergency Teams: A Recipe for Success in Community Hospitals
Kathy D. Duncan

13. ICU Without Walls: A New York City Model
Vladimir Kvetan, Brian Currie

14. Hospital Size and Location and the Feasibility of the Medical Emergency Team
Daryl Jones, Rinaldo Bellomo

15. Medical Emergency Teams in Teaching Hospitals
Helen Ingrid Opdam

16. The Nurse’s Perspective
Nicolette C. Mininni, Carole C. Scholle

17. The Hospital Administrator’s Perspective
Craig White, Rinaldo Bellomo

18. Personnel Resources for Crisis Response
Andrew W. Murray, Michael A. DeVita, John J. Schaefer

19. Equipment, Medications, and Supplies for a Medical Emergency Team Response
Edgar Delgado, Wendeline J. Grbach, Joanne Kowiatek, Michael A. DeVita

Section Three. Measuring Outcomes

20. Resident Training and the Medical Emergency Team
Geoffrey K. Lighthall

21. Teaching Organized Crisis Team Functioning Using Human Simulators
Melinda Fiedor, Elizabeth A. Hunt, Michael A. DeVita

22. Information Systems Considerations: Integration of Medical Emergency Team Clinical Indicators
Lis Young, Jack Chen, Kenneth Hillman

23. Evaluating Complex System Interventions in Patient Safety
Jack Chen, Lis Young, Kenneth Hillman

24. Integrating MET into a Patient Safety Program
John Gosbee

25. Are Medical Emergency Teams Worth the Cost?
Daniel Brown, Rinaldo Bellomo


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