Huang, Thomas S.

Real-Time Vision for Human-Computer Interaction

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. RTV4HCI: A Historical Overview
Matthew Turk

2. Real-Time Algorithms: From Signal Processing to Computer Vision
Branislav Kisa?anin, Vladimir Pavlovi?

Part II. Advances in RTV4HCI

3. Recognition of Isolated Fingerspelling Gestures Using Depth Edges
Rogerio Feris, Matthew Turk, Ramesh Raskar, Kar-Han Tan, Gosuke Ohashi

4. Appearance-Based Real-Time Understanding of Gestures Using Projected Euler Angles
Sharat Chandran, Abhineet Sawa

5. Flocks of Features for Tracking Articulated Objects
Mathias Kölsch, Matthew Turk

6. Static Hand Posture Recognition Based on Okapi-Chamfer Matching
Hanning Zhou, Dennis J. Lin, Thomas S. Huang

7. Visual Modeling of Dynamic Gestures Using 3D Appearance and Motion Features
Guangqi Ye, Jason J. Corso, Gregory D. Hager

8. Head and Facial Animation Tracking Using Appearance-Adaptive Models and Particle Filters
Franck Davoine, Fadi Dornaika

9. A Real-Time Vision Interface Based on Gaze Detection — EyeKeys
John J. Magee, Margrit Betke, Matthew R. Scott, Benjamin N. Waber

10. Map Building from Human-Computer Interactions
Artur M. Arsenio

11. Real-Time Inference of Complex Mental States from Facial Expressions and Head Gestures
Rana Kaliouby, Peter Robinson

12. Epipolar Constrained User Pushbutton Selection in Projected Interfaces
Amit Kale, Kenneth Kwan, Christopher Jaynes

Part III. Looking Ahead

13. Vision-Based HCI Applications
Eric Petajan

14. The Office of the Past
Jiwon Kim, Steven M. Seitz, Maneesh Agrawala

15. MPEG-4 Face and Body Animation Coding Applied to HCI
Eric Petajan

16. Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
Matthew Turk

17. Smart Camera Systems Technology Roadmap
Bruce Flinchbaugh

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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319 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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