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Table of contents

1. Ball Aerospace 4–10 K Space Cryocoolers
D. S. Glaister, W. Gully, R. G. Ross, R. Stack, E. Marquardt

2. NGST Advanced Cryocooler Technology Development Program (ACTDP) Cooler System
J. Raab, R. Colbert, D. Harvey, M. Michaelian, T. Nguyen, M. Petach, R. Orsini, E. Tward, M. Waterman

3. A Study of the Use of 6K ACTDP Cryocoolers for the MIRI Instrument on JWST
R. G. Ross

4. Lockheed Martin 6K/18K Cryocooler
J. Olson, P. Champagne, E. Roth, B. Evtimov, R. Clappier, T. Nast, T. Renna, B. Martin

5. Status of Pulse Tube Cryocooler Development at Sunpower
K. B. Wilson, D. R. Gedeon

6. Development of a Small-Scale Collins-Type 10 K Cryocooler for Space Applications
C. L. Hannon, B. J. Krass, J. Gerstmann, G. Chaudhry, J. G. Brisson, J. L. Smith

7. STI’s Solution for High Quantity Production of Stirling Coolers
Amr O’Baid, Andreas Fiedler, Abhijit Karandikar

8. Raytheon RS1 Cryocooler Performance
M. C. Barr, K. D. Price, G. R. Pruitt

9. Ball Aerospace Next Generation 2-Stage 35 K SB235 Coolers
E. D. Marquardt, W. J. Gully, D. S. Glaister, R. Stack, N. Abhyankar, E. Oliver

10. Development of the LSF95xx 2nd Generation Flexure Bearing Coolers
J. C. Mullié, P. C. Bruins, T. Benschop, M. Meijers

11. CMC One-Watt Linear Cooler Performance Map at Higher Input Power
D. T. Kuo, M. Schmitt

12. Characterization of the NGST 150 K Mini Pulse Tube Cryocooler
N. S. Abhyankar, T. M. Davis, D. G. T. Curran

13. Performance Test Results of a Miniature 50 to 80 K Pulse Tube Cooler
T. Trollier, A. Ravex, I. Charles, L. Duband, J. Mullié, P. Bruins, T. Benschop, M. Linder

14. Performance of Japanese Pulse Tube Coolers for Space Applications
A. Kushino, H. Sugita, Y. Matsubara

15. High Capacity Staged Pulse Tube
C. Jaco, T. Nguyen, D. Harvey, E. Tward

16. Lockheed Martin RAMOS Engineering Model Cryocooler
D. Frank, E. Roth, P. Champagne, J. Olson, B. Evtimov, R. Clappier, T. Nast, T. Renna, B. Martin

17. Lockheed Martin Two-Stage Pulse Tube Cryocooler for GIFTS
T. Nast, D. Frank, E. Roth, P. Champagne, J. Olson, B. Evtimov, R. Clappier, T. Renna, B. Martin

18. Second Generation Raytheon Stirling/Pulse Tube Hybrid Cold Head Design and Performance
C. S. Kirkconnell, K. D. Price, K. J. Ciccarelli, J. P. Harvey

19. Efficient 10 K Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
C. Wang

20. Development of Stirling-Type Coaxial Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
L. W. Yang, G. Thummes

21. Low Temperature High Frequency Pulse Tube Cooler Using Precooling
J. M. Poncet, I. Charles, A. Gauthier, T. Trollier

22. Development of a Single Stage Pulse Tube Refrigerator with Linear Compressor
J. Yuan, J. Maguire

23. A Commercial Pulse Tube Cryocooler with 200 W Refrigeration at 80 K
J. H. Zia

24. Large Scale Cryocooler Development for Superconducting Electric Power Applications (HTS-4)
N. Lynch

25. The Effect of Mean Pressure on Large Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
Nancy Lynch

26. Operation of Thermoacoustic Stirling Heat Engine Driven Large Multiple Pulse Tube Refrigerators
Bayram Arman, John Wollan, Vince Kotsubo, Scott Backhaus, Greg Swift

27. A Traveling Wave Thermoacoustic Refrigerator within Room Temperature Range
Yun Huang, Ercang Luo, Wei Dai, Zhanghua Wu

28. Building a High-Efficiency and Compact-Sized Thermoacoustically-Driven Pulse Tube Cooler
W. Dai, E. C. Luo, Y. Zhou, J. F. Wu, W. X. Zhu

29. Development of a Linear Compressor for Use in G-M Cryocoolers
John A. Corey, Erick L. James, Ali Kashani, Ben Helvensteijn, Gregory L. Rhoads

30. Compression Losses in Cryocoolers
J. S. Reed, G. Davey, M. W. Dadd, P. B. Bailey

31. A Novel Method for Controlling Piston Drift in Devices with Clearance Seals
P. S. Spoor, J. A. Corey

32. Verification of Long Life Operation through Real Time Dynamic Alignment Tracking
W. J. Gully, E. D. Marquardt, D. S. Glaister, N. Abhyankar, T. Davis

33. Sensorless Balancing of a Dual-Piston Linear Compressor of a Stirling Cryogenic Cooler
V. Doubrovsky, A. Veprik, N. Pundak

34. Dynamically Counterbalanced Single-Piston Linear Compressor of a Cryogenic Cooler
A. Veprik, I. Nachman, N. Pundak

35. Counterflow Pulse-tube Refrigerator
M. E. Will, A. T. A. M. Waele

36. A Study of Performance Improvement of the Coaxial Inertance Tube Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Seong-Je Park, Yong-Ju Hong, Hyo-Bong Kim, Yang-Hoon Kim

37. Measurements of Phase Shifts in an Inertance Tube
Michael A. Lewis, Peter E. Bradley, Ray Radebaugh, Ercang Luo

38. Phase Shift and Compressible Fluid Dynamics in Inertance Tubes
Barrett Flake, Arsalan Razani

39. CFD Simulation of Multi-Dimensional Effects in an Inertance Tube Pulse Tube Refrigerator
J. S. Cha, S. M. Ghiaasiaan, P. V. Desai, J. P. Harvey, C. S. Kirkconnell

40. Phase Angle Model for Pulse Tube with Secondary Orifice Using Lumped-Element Electrical Network Analysis
C. T. Nguyen, M. S. Haberbusch, A. J. Yeckley

41. Numerical Simulations of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Pulse Tubes
A. E. Schroth, M. Sahimi, C. S. Kirkconnell

42. Visualization of Secondary Flow in Tapered Double-Inlet Pulse Tube Refrigerators
M. Shiraishi, M. Murakami, A. Nakano

43. Numeric Code for the Design of Pulse Tube Coolers
A. Hofmann

44. Enthalpy, Entropy, and Exergy Flows in Ideal Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
P. Kittel

45. Enthalpy, Entropy, and Exergy Flow Losses in Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
P. Kittel

46. A Model for Energy and Exergy Flow in an Orifice Pulse Tube Refrigerator
A. Razani, C. Dodson, N. S. Abhyankar, B. Flake

47. Development of New Cryocooler Regenerator Materials — Ductile Intermetallic Compounds
K. A. Gschneidner, A. O. Pecharsky, V. K. Pecharsky

48. Status of the Development of Ceramic Regenerator Materials
T. Numazawa, K. Kamiya, T. Satoh, H. Nozawa, T. Yanagitani

49. Doped AMnO3 Perovskites Suitable for Use in Magnetic Cooling Devices
A. S. Chernyshov, M. I. Ilyn, A. M. Tishin, O. Yu. Gorbenko, V. A. Amelichev, S. N. Mudretsova, A. F. Mairova, Y. I. Spichkin

50. Improved Cooling Power by Means of a Regenerator Made from Lead Wire Mesh
A. Waldauf, T. Köttig, S. Moldenhauer, M. Thürk, P. Seidel

51. A Low Porosity Regenerator Matrix for High Frequency Low Temperature Cryocoolers
D. R. Ladner, J. P. Martin, P. S. Thompson

52. X-ray Lithography Fabricated Microchannel Regenerators for Cryocoolers
D. J. Guidry, J. T. Parker, A. B. McCandless, S. Motakef, K. W. Kelly

53. Performance Investigation of Stirling-Type Nonmagnetic and Nonmetallic Pulse Tube Cryocoolers for High-Tc SQUID Operation
H. Z. Dang, Y. L. Ju, J. T. Liang, J. H. Cai, W. Dai, Y. Zhou

54. Flow Circulations in Foil-Type Regenerators Produced by Non-Uniform Layer Spacing
D. Gedeon

55. A New Angle of View for Understanding and Evaluating Flow Characteristics of Cyclic Regenerators
Ercang Luo

56. Experimental Flow Characteristics Study of a High Frequency Pulse Tube Regenerator
X. L. Wang, M. G. Zhao, J. H. Cai, J. T. Liang, W. Dai

57. Regenerator Flows Modeled Using the Method of Characteristics
Thomas P. Roberts, Prateen V. Desai

58. A Fast and Accurate Regenerator Numerical Model
Jeremy P. Harvey, Carl S. Kirkconnell, Prateen V. Desai

59. A Parametric Optimization of a Single Stage Regenerator Using REGEN 3.2
J. M. Pfotenhauer, J. L. Shi, G. F. Nellis

60. A Numerical Model of an Active Magnetic Regenerator Refrigeration System
K. L. Engelbrecht, G. F Nellis, S. A Klein

61. Comparative Performance of Throttle Cycle Cryotiger Coolers Operating with Different Mixed Refrigerants
Mikhail Boiarski, Oleg Podtcherniaev, Kevin Flynn

62. Progress in Micro Joule-Thomson Cooling at Twente University
P. P. P. M. Lerou, H. Jansen, G. C. F. Venhorst, J. F. Burger, T. T. Veenstra, H. J. Holland, H. J. M. Brake, M. Elwenspoek, H. Rogalla

63. The Performance of Joule Thomson Refrigerator
Yong-Ju Hong, Seong-Je Park, Hyo-Bong Kim, Young-Don Choi

64. Development of a 4K Sorption Cooler for ESA’s Darwin Mission: System-Level Design Considerations
J. F. Burger, H. J. M. Brake, H. J. Holland, G. Venhorst, E. Hondebrink, R. J. Meijer, T. T. Veenstra, H. Rogalla, M. Coesel, D. Lozano-Castello, A. Sirbi

65. Improvements in Sorption Compressor Design
G. F. M. Wiegerinck, J. F. Burger, H. J. Holland, E. Hondebrink, H. J. M. Brake, H. Rogalla

66. Cryogenic Testing of Planck Sorption Cooler Test Facility
B. Zhang, D. Pearson, J. Borders, B. Franklin, M. Prina, J. Hardy, D. Crumb

67. Cryogenic Tests of a 0.1 K Dilution Cooler for Planck-HFI
L. Sentis, J. Delmas, Ph. Camus, G. Guyot, Y. Blanc

68. HERSCHEL Sorption Cooler Qualification Models
L. Duband, L. Clerc, L. Guillemet, R. Vallcorba

69. ADR Configurations and Optimization for Cryocooler-Based Operation
P. J. Shirron, M. J. DiPirro, J. G. Turtle, E. R. Canavan

70. Small Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator for Space Missions
N. Luchier, L. Duband

71. Magnetoresistive Heat Switches and Compact Superconducting Magnets for a Miniature Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator
J -M. Duval, B. M. Cain, P. T. Timbie

72. The Performance of a Laboratory Optical Refrigerator
G. L. Mills, D. S. Glaister, W. S. Good, A. J. Mord

73. A Thermal Storage Unit For Low Temperature Cryocoolers
R. C. Levenduski, J. M. Lester

74. Development of a Nitrogen Thermosiphon for Remote Cryogenic Devices
J. Yuan, J. Maguire

75. Long Life Cryocoolers for Space Applications a Database Update
Thom Davis, Nandu Abhyankar

76. Active Versus Standby Redundancy for Improved Cryocooler Reliability in Space
R. G. Ross

77. INTEGRAL Spectrometer Cryostat Design and Performance after 1.5 Years in Orbit
R. Briet, F. Serene

78. Two Year Performance of the RHESSI Cryocooler
Robert Boyle

79. The NICMOS Turbo-Brayton Cryocooler — Two Years in Orbit
Walter L. Swift, John A. McCormack, Mark V. Zagarola, Francis X. Dolan, Herby Sixsmith

80. Model for Orbit-Induced Temperature Oscillations in a Miniature Pulse Tube Cryocooler, Part 1: Warm End Components
Daniel R. Ladner

81. Model for Orbit-Induced Temperature Oscillations in a Miniature Pulse Tube Cryocooler, Part 2: Cold Head Components
Daniel R. Ladner

82. Cryogenic Tests of a Development Model for the 90 K Freezer for the International Space Station
T. Trollier, C. Aubry, J. Butterworth, S. Martha, A. Seidel, L. Parolis

83. Comparison of Measurements and Models for a Pulse Tube Refrigerator to Cool Cryo-Surgical Probes
P. E. Bradley, R. Radebaugh, M. Lewis, R. Bailey, M. Haas

84. Development of a GM-Type Pulse Tube Refrigerator Cooling System for Superconducting Maglev Vehicles
Y. Kondo, M. Terai, Y. Nishikawa, O. Sugiyama, T. Inoue, A. Hirano, T. Goto, S. Fujii, Y. Jizo, T. Amano

85. High-Power Pulse Tube Cryocooler for Liquid Xenon Particle Detectors
T. Haruyama, K. Kasami, Y. Matsubara, T. Nishitani, Y. Maruno, K. Giboni, E. Aprile

86. Vibration-Free Pulse Tube Cryocooler System for Gravitational Wave Detectors, Part I: Vibration-Reduction Method and Measurement
T. Tomaru, T. Suzuki, T. Haruyama, T. Shintomi, N. Sato, A. Yamamoto, Y. Ikushima, R. Li, T. Akutsu, T. Uchiyama, S. Miyoki

87. Vibration-Free Pulse Tube Cryocooler System for Gravitational Wave Detectors, Part II: Cooling Performance and Vibration
R. Li, Y. Ikushima, T. Koyama, T. Tomaru, T. Suzuki, T. Haruyama, T. Shintomi, A. Yamamoto

88. Two-Stage Refrigeration for Subcooling Liquid Hydrogen and Oxygen as Densified Propellants
J. H. Baik, H. -M. Chang, W. Notardonato

Keywords: Physics, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Superconductivity, Superfluidity, Quantum Fluids, Applied Optics, Optoelectronics, Optical Devices, Imaging / Radiology, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, Traffic

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