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Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment 4

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Table of contents

1.Remediation of Contaminated Sites

1. Study of the Clinoptilolite-Rich Tuff-Based Composites for Some Aqueous Anionic Species Recovery
Eva Chmielewská, Stanislava Nagyová, Mária Reháková, Nina Bogdanchikova

2. Testing of Sorption Materials for Arsenic Removal From Waters
Birgit Daus, Holger Weiss

3. Zirconium(IV) Loaded Diaion CRP200 Resin as a Specific Adsorbent to as(III) and as(V)
Akinori Jyo, Shuko Kudo, Xiaoping Zhu, Kazunori Yamabe

4. Bifunctional Cation Exchange Fibers Having Phosphonic and Sulfonic Acid Groups
Akinori Jyo, Kenji Okada, Masao Tamada, Tamikazu Kume, Takanobu Sugo, Masato Tazaki

2.Fate of Contaminants in the Environment

5. Arsenic Speciation for Investigation of Its Environmental Fate — A Case Study
Birgit Daus, Jürgen Mattusch, Rainer Wennrich, Holger Weiss

6. Chemical Speciation of Aluminum in Delhi Soils
Swarna Muthukrishnan, D. K. Banerjee

3.Thermal Treatment Technologies

7. Thermal and Biological Degradation of Sites Contaminated by Transformer Oil
Krystyna Cedzynska

8. Plasma Treatment of Inorganic Waste
Zbigniew Kolacinski, Krystyna Cedzynska

4.Environmental Aspects of Agricultural Practices

9. Former U.S. Department of Agriculture/Commodity Credit Corporation Grain Bin Project
Jeffrey L. Field

10. Agricultural Biotechnology: Public Acceptance, Regulation and International Consensus
Nathan Richmond

5.Charactization and Quantification of Chemical Constituents

11. Rapid On-Site Environmental Sampling and Analysis of Propellant Stabilizers and Their Decomposition Products by Portable Sampling and Thin-Layer Chromatography Kits
Jeffrey S. Haas, Marjorie Auyong Gonzalez

12. Comparative Multi-Elemental Analysis of Mineral and Ecological Components of the Ecosystem “Karabashtown” Co-Existing with a Copper-Smelting Plant. Physicochemical Point of View
N. M. Barysheva, N. V. Garmasheva, E. V. Polyakov, V. T. Surikov, V. N. Udachin

13. Automated Analysis of Stable Isotopes of H, C, N, O and S by Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
Janusz A. Tomaszek

6.Environmental Security

14. Relationship of Environment and Security
Katarina Mahutova, John J. Barich

15. Integrated Risk Assessment and Security
Katarina Mahutova, John J. Barich

7.Risk Assessment

16. Hazard Assessment of Maalaea Construction and Demolition Landfill Smoldering Fire, and Air Quality at a Nearby Community
Jon-Pierre Michaud

17. Methods for Estimating the Impact of Hypothetical Dam Break Floods
Jene Michaud, Carl Johnson, Judy Iokepa, Jillian Marohnic

8.Wastewater and Sludge Management

18. Polychlorinated Dibenzo-P-Dioxins (PCDDs) and Dibenzofurans (PCDFs) in Sewage and Sludge of MWTP
Marzenna R. Dudzinska

19. The Utilization of Sludge Generated in Coagulation of Fish Processing Wastewater for Liquid Feed Production
K. Medrzycka, R. Tomczak-Wandzel

20. Sustainable Development in Industry by Closing Water Loops:Technological Aspects and Expected Future Developments
Wim H. Rulkens

21. Optimisation of Reactor Technology for Selective Oxidation of Toxic Organic Pollutants in Wastewater by Ozone
Wim H. Rulkens, Harry Bruning, Marc A. Boncz

22. Comparison between Sequencing Batch and Continuous Flow Activated Sludge Systems
Janusz A. Tomaszek


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