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Zinc Finger Proteins

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Table of contents

1. The Discovery of Zinc Fingers and Their Practical Applications in Gene Regulation: A Personal Account
Aaron Klug

2. C2H2 Zinc Fingers As DNA Binding Domains
Shiro Iuchi

3. TFIIIA: A Sophisticated Zinc Finger Protein
Raymond S. Brown, Jane Flint

4. GAGA: Structural Basis for Single Cys2His2 Zinc Finger-DNA Interaction
G. Marius Clore, James G. Omichinski

5. The DNA-Binding Domain of GATA Transcription Factors—A Prototypical Type IV Cys2-Cys2 Zinc Finger
Angela M. Gronenborn

6. MutM: Single C2C2 Zinc Finger-DNA Interaction
Ryoji Masui, Noriko Nakagawa, Seiki Kuramitsu

7. Homing Endonuclease I-TevI: An Atypical Zinc Finger with a Novel Function
Patrick Roey, Marlene Belfort, Victoria Derbyshire

8. Zinc Finger Interactions with Metals and Other Small Molecules
Jay S. Hanas, Jason L. Larabee, James R. Hocker

9. Synthetic Zinc Finger Transcription Factors
Nicoletta Corbi, Valentina Libri, Claudio Passananti

10. TFIIIA and p43: Binding to 5S Ribosomal RNA
Paul J. Romaniuk

11. RNA Binding by Single Zinc Fingers
Martyn K. Darby

12. Wig-1, a p53-Induced Zinc Finger Protein that Binds Double Stranded RNA
Cristina Mendez-Vidal, Fredrik Hellborg, Margareta T. Wilhelm, Magdalena Tarkowska, Klas G. Wiman

13. Tandem CCCH Zinc Finger Proteins in mRNA Binding
Perry J. Blackshear, Ruth S. Phillips, Wi S. Lai

14. Ribosomal Zinc Finger Proteins: The Structure and the Function of Yeast YL37a
John Dresios, Yuen-Ling Chan, Ira G. Wool

15. LIM Domain and Its Binding to Target Proteins
Algirdas Velyvis, Jun Qin

16. RING Finger-B Box-Coiled Coil (RBCC) Proteins As Ubiquitin Ligase in the Control of Protein Degradation and Gene Regulation
Kazuhiro Ikeda, Satoshi Inoue, Masami Muramatsu

17. Structure and Function of the CBP/p300 TAZ Domains
Roberto N. Guzman, Maria A. Martinez-Yamout, H. Jane Dyson, Peter E. Wright

18. A Zinc Ribbon Motif Is Essential for the Formation of Functional Tetrameric Protein Kinase CK2
Odile Filhol, Maria José Benitez, Claude Cochet

19. The FYVE Finger: A Phosphoinositide Binding Domain
Harald Stenmark

20. The BTB Domain Zinc Finger Proteins
Gilbert G. Privé, Ari Melnick, K. Farid Ahmad, Jonathan D. Licht

21. KRAB Zinc Finger Proteins: A Family of Repressors Mediating Heterochromatin-Associated Gene Silencing
Shiro Iuchi

22. The Superfamily of SCAN Domain Containing Zinc Finger Transcription Factors
Tucker Collins, Tara L. Sander

23. Sp1 and Huntington’s Disease
Dimitri Krainc

24. The Role of WT1 in Development and Disease
Sean Bong Lee, Hongjie Li, Ho-Shik Kim

25. Yin Yang 1
Huifei Liu, Yang Shi

26. The Multiple Cellular Functions of TFIIIA
Natalie Kuldell

27. The Role of the Ikaros Gene Family in Lymphocyte Development
Pablo Gómez-del Arco, Taku Naito, John Seavitt, Toshimi Yoshida, Christine Williams, Katia Georgopoulos

28. Basonuclin: A Zinc Finger Protein of Epithelial Cells and Reproductive Germ Cells
Howard Green, Hung Tseng

29. ZAS Zinc Finger Proteins: The Other ?B-Binding Protein Family
Carl E. Allen, Lai-Chu Wu

30. Role of GATA Factors in Development
Marc Haenlin, Lucas Waltzer

31. The Androgen Receptor and Spinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy
Federica Piccioni, Charlotte J. Sumner, Kenneth H. Fischbeck

32. The Role of XPA in DNA Repair
Takahisa Ikegami, Masahiro Shirakawa

33. MOF, an Acetyl Transferase Involved in Dosage Compensation in Drosophila, Uses a CCHC Finger for Substrate Recognition
Asifa Akhtar, Peter B. Becker

34. MDM2: RING Finger Protein and Regulator of p53
Liqing Wu, Carl G. Maki

35. The Zip Family of Zinc Transporters
David J. Eide

36. Apoptosis by Zinc Deficiency
Kirsteen H. Maclean

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, general, Cancer Research

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Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit
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292 pages
Natural Sciences

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