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Columbia Final Voyage

Chien, Philip - Columbia Final Voyage, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Modest Mission

Part I. Mission Makers

2. Rick Husband: The Boy from Amarillo

3. Willie McCool: Running Man

4. Dave Brown: Pilot, Doctor, Gymnast

5. Kalpana Chawla: The Girl from India

6. Mike Anderson: The Kid Who Wanted to Fly

7. Laurel Clark: Submarine Doctor, Mother

8. Ilan Ramon: Israel’s First Space Traveler

9. Dodging Bullets: The Astronauts Who Weren’t Selected

10. It Isn’t Just the Astronauts

Part II. The Long Road to Launch

11. A NASA Primer

12. The Eighteen Delays

13. Training for the Mission

14. Presenting NASA to the World

15. Prequel: STS-112 and STS-113

16. Preparing for Launch

17. Launch Day

18. Behind the Scenes

19. Living in Space

Part III. Sixteen Days in Space

20. Flight Day 2: MEIDEX, Phab4, ARMS, Ascent Video

21. Flight Day 3: Calcium Kinetics, Press Interviews

22. Flight Day 4: LSP, Spacehab Problems

23. Flight Day 5: VCD, MPFE

24. Flight Day 6: Ariel Sharon Call, Internet Questions

25. Flight Day 7: MGM, Astroculture

26. Flight Day 8: SOFBALL, CIBX

27. Flight Day 9: S*T*A*R*S, FREESTAR

28. Flight Day 10: BDS, BRIC, OSTEO

29. Flight Day 11: ZCG, Biopack

30. Flight Day 12: Ship-to-Ship Call, FRESH

31. Flight Day 13: Mist, Biotube, Challenger Anniversary

32. Flight Day 14: Press Conference

33. Flight Day 15: MEIDEX, External Spacehab Payloads

34. Flight Day 16: Automated Payloads, Preparing to Come Home

Part IV. February 1, 2003

35. Reentry

36. The Accident

37. Mission Control on Landing Day

38. What Should Have Happened

39. The Media’s Coverage of STS-107

40. The First Hours After the Accident

41. Viewing Columbia’s Reentry

42. Where Were You ...?

43. The Public’s Reaction

Part V. Aftermath

44. The Search for Debris

45. Other Evidence

46. Completing the Investigation

47. Kooks and Myths

48. Was a Rescue Possible?

49. Memorials

50. Legacy: The Science Not Lost


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