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Transforming Health Care Through Information

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Table of contents

Section I. Case Studies in Technological Change

1. Introduction
Nancy M. Lorenzi

2. GEMINI: The Life and Times of a Clinical Information System
Navid Fanceian, Lisa Shickle

Section II. Organizational Change

3. Introduction
Nancy M. Lorenzi

4. The Web Center: A Case Study in Strategy and Power
Christel Villarivera, Shane McWilliams, Candace Boyce

5. Computers for Kids: Not All Fun and Games
Jacob Weiss

6. Managing Change
Jonathan Becker, Roy Gill, Susan Moy, Veena Seshadri, Dat Tran, Amy Wang, Jiangi Yang

7. Managing Success: An Information Systems Dilemma at Great Plains Health Care
Tracy O'Connor, John Hawkins, Kathy Hornby

Section III. Implementation

8. Introduction
Jonathan Einbinder

9. Bar Coding: It's Hard to Kill a Hippo
Margaret Keller, Beverly Oneida, Gale McCarty

10. Developing an Emergency Department Information System
Duncan Belser, Dominik Aronsky, David M. Dilts, Jose Ferreira

11. Implementation of OpChart in West Medical Building
Nathan R. Hoot, David L. Sanders

12. Development of the Scientific Computing Center at Vanderbilt University
Lawrence Fu

13. Early Implementation Problems of an Integrated Information System Within the White Mountain University Health System
Gabrielle N. Ciesla, Joseph J. Connor, Thomas H. Dudley, Michael L. Keens

14. Implementation of a Web-Based Incident-Reporting System at Legendary Health System
Sylvia Bae, Samone Khouangsathiene, Christopher Morey, Chris O'Connor, Eric Rose, Abdus Shakil

15. Managing Change: Analysis of a Hypothetical Case
Joan S. Ash, James G. Anderson, Paul N. Gorman, Rita D. Zielstorff, Natalie Norcross, Jody Pettit, Patricia Yao

Section IV. Economics

16. Introduction
Robert T. Riley

17. E3 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
David Posch, Nancy M. Lorenzi, Thomas Campion

18. Catch 22: The Case of Utilization Management's Return on Investment Evaluation
Fern FitzHenry

19. Antimicrobial Utilization Program at the University of Central State Medical Center
Melissa Kaplan, Beth Wickerham

20. Central Medical Healthcare System: The Case of the Well-Aggregated Patient Data
Laura Larsson, Michael Lieberman, Kelly J. Bradway

21. Building Consensus: Quality Improvement at Vesalius Health System
Sarah Corley, Steven Cohen, Jeffrey Gilbert, Cora Lam, Benjamin LeBlanc

Section V. Leadership

22. Introduction
Joan S. Ash

23. Strategic Informatics: Planning for the Future of AtlanticHealth
Peter Embi, Yun Ho Jung, Dewey Schneider, Jack Sofsky, Margaret Sundre, Thomas Yackel

24. Fix Pharmacy!
Jim Carpenter, Tadaaki Hiruki, Michael Krall, David Smith

25. Showdown in the Heart of Texas
Robert Posteraro, Wilhelmina Estrada, Tim George, Julito Uy, Sandra Yee

26. Mission Valley Medical Center Physicians Group Practice: The Rumor
Noorullah Ahktar, Mary Langdon, David O'Brien, Ron Jimenez

27. The DNA Donation Project
Tricia A. Thornton

28. Who's in Charge?
Melanie Wilson, Mark Mailhot, Ed Quick

Section VI. Organizational and Interpersonal Conflict

29. Introduction
Wendy McPhee

30. The Chief Resident's Dilemma
Stephen Morgan

31. Death of a Committee
Robert Halliday

32. Whose Job Is It Anyway?
Andrew Buettner

33. All for the Want of a Plan ...

34. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
Janette Gogler

35. Founding Fathers Health Corporation: Idealism and the Bottom Line
Richard Dykstra, Lara Fournier, Manish Parekhji, Qin Ye


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