Karcioglu, Zeynel A.

Orbital Tumors

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Table of contents

Part One. Current Concepts of Oncogenesis

1. Molecular Models of Cancer Development
Domenico Mastrangelo

2. Immune Surveillance and Cancer Pathogenesis
Domenico Mastrangelo

3. The Changing Nature and Behavior of Orbital and Periorbital Tumors
Alan A. McNab

4. Mechanisms of Tumor Metastasis in the Orbit
J. Oscar Croxatto

5. Multiple Malignancies in Retinoblastoma
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

Part Two. Diagnosis of Orbital Tumors

6. Clinical Evaluation of the Orbit
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

7. Neuro-Ophthalmologic Evaluation of the Orbit
Andrew G. Lee

8. Ultrasonography in Orbital Differential Diagnosis
Amin M. Nasr, Grace Abou Chacra

9. The Basics of Orbital Imaging
Paul Rosel

10. Imaging in Orbital Differential Diagnosis
Patrick Potter

11. New Concepts in Orbital Imaging
Michael D. Abramoff

12. Orbital Biopsy
Zeynel A. Karcioglu, Luis E. Remus

Part Three. Primary Tumors of the Orbit

13. Orbital Lymphoma
Bita Esmaeli, Misha Faustina

14. Vascular Tumors
Kaan Gündüz, Zeynel A. Karcioglu

15. Fibrohistiocytic Tumors
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

16. Fibro-osseous and Cartilaginous Tumors and Tumorlike Conditions
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

17. Peripheral Nerve Tumors
Kaan Gündüz

18. Lacrimal Gland Tumors
Yoon-Duck Kim

19. Tumors of the Lacrimal Drainage System
Jeffrey J. Hurwitz

Part Four. Secondary Tumors of the Adult Orbit

20. Eyelid and Periocular Skin Tumors
Georgina Kourt, Peter Martin

21. Conjunctival Tumors
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

22. Ocular Tumors
Zeynel A. Karcioglu, Doris Hadjistilianou

23. Tumors of the Cranial and Nasal Cavities and Paranasal Sinuses
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

24. Metastatic Tumors
J. Oscar Croxatto, Zeynel A. Karcioglu

Part Five. Pediatric Orbital Tumors and Pseudotumors

25. Benign Pediatric Tumors
Zeynel A. Karcioglu, Johan Zwaan

26. Malignant Pediatric Tumors
Doris Hadjistilianou, Zeynel A. Karcioglu

Part Six. Tumorlike Conditions in the Orbit

27. Orbital Inflammation and Infection Versus Neoplasia
Antonio Augusto V. Cruz

28. Graves Disease
Daniel Weil, Guillermo A. Fridrich

29. Mass-Forming Inflammatory Lesions of the Orbit
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

Part Seven. Management of Orbital Tumors

30. Staging of Orbital Tumors
Zeynel A. Karcioglu, Barrett G. Haik

31. Surgical Treatment
Zeynel A. Karcioglu

32. Computer Image Guidance and Skull-Base Strategies
Christopher R. Mascott, Zeynel A. Karcioglu

33. Radiation Treatment
Paul T. Finger

34. Chemotherapy for Childhood Tumors
Marta K. Rozans

35. Chemotherapy for Adult Tumors
Matthew W. Wilson, Carlos Galindo-Rodriquez


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